Tuesday, September 10, 2013

an update and a Morgellons study

so I have not been taking Noni much the last few weeks and finally after months of relief, this week I have been feeling activity under my scalp once again. Not only have I found a few white fibers but I have also been finding a few green, yellow and violet colored fibers here and there. Not many white worm like parasites have been appearing until very recently. Ive also felt the little stings or bites last week or so. Im back on the Noni now and we shall see what happens. I also have not taken any shark cartilidge so maybe I will do that as well. But for the most part I feel Ive been living 98% symptom free. I have been taking Laetrile and Garcinia Cambogia and sometimes Reishi for a couple months with the Noni. Ive only not been taking Noni for a few weeks. It makes my palms flaky which concerns me regarding my liver/kidneys.

*side note.. all summer I've had low grade anemia.. been taking Iron pills last couple of months but was wonderin why I would get so damn tired all of a sudden sometimes. Not like when MD first hit me..that was a different feeling of constant fatigue. Anemia feels different because I feel healthy and energetic most of the time but will have flashes of extreme fatigue. Our iron levels are constantly fluctuating depending upon what we eat. The initial MD fatigue I felt was more like death creeping up on me. I wonder if the iron pills are having a bad effect on this disease..hmmmm.. Its gotta be between that and the noni, the return of symptoms I mean. {I also had about four white bugs come out of my scalp (the notoriously active areas) within a two week period several months ago..think just after taking the Vermox I believe. After that I experienced much relief and non activity.}

Interesting report I just read points to more evidence that our cells are creating these fillaments/fibers via Keratin. Now I feel we are getting closer to real treatment ;)


oh and I changed brands on the DLPA and it gave my dog hives..so I stopped giving it to her last week and she seems to be fine without it so far. Still giving her Laetrile.. I was not giving her laetrile when her skin rash showed up..only dlpa and glucosamine/chondroitin..so it could have been either which gave her the rash. Now im waiting to see if it goes away. But she did roll around on her back in the grass the other day..something I never thought Id see her do again. :)

Morgellons news 2013





Thursday, June 20, 2013


doin great..feelin like most stuff is gone out of me.. I noticed that the combination of garcinia cambogia and noni seem to have a positive pushing out affect as well as a good herx but I get that from the noni alone. There are days where I take no medication and have no activity. Still slight spasms in my legs and arms every so often but nothing like what it was. So now i'm taking noni mostly(sometimes with garcinia c) and some days shark cartilage which also seems to help. only time will tell but so far it just seems like a really slow process. I have had a good # of those fuzz balls come out in the last several weeks and then no more activity in those areas.

gave my dog some antibiotics, and apricot seeds and DLPA daily for pain and she is feelin better and in a better mood and panting much less but still walking slow because whateva is wrong is still at issue however. hopin to get her an x-ray very soon.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

If i had to do it all over again with knowledge

I would have treated myself with these six things first before trying anything else

USP Grade Antibiotics (for at least six months with short breaks (2wks) in between)
B17 Laetrile
oil of Oregano
Noni (Noni is very effective)
Probiotics (very important while taking antibiotics.. I take probiotics at least 4hours after taking antibiotics. And 4hours before taking antibiotics a few times a week while on antibiotics)

Minerals, Multi-Vitamins and vitamin c are things I take regularly and are very important to healing and well being.

Friday, May 24, 2013


Vermox did help but I still need another dose or two. I have not been taking stuff (supplements) everyday. Havent been having much activity although somethings still in there. Im still taking noni, shark cartillige, Garcinia Cambogia (reishi and turmeric on occasion)and sometimes b17 but not 2x a day or even everyday :) the noni, shark cartilage (and possibly the Garcinia Cambogia) seem to affect whatever is still in me.

I did stop giving my dog b17 and she seems to have perked up. Ive also been giving her pine bark, (turmeric and reishi mushroom powder a couple times a week), glucosamine/chondroitin chewie treats and pepto. I also got her pain meds (Rimadyl) which are helping as well. The vitamin B helped her bloat and panting and she's been walking better and happier but still in pain. Maybe its her joints, bones or arthritis. The tumors are mostly gone so I know the b17 works but not sure she felt so great taking it. She kinda resisted opening her mouth for those pills but willing takes the pain meds. Shes been on rimadyl for a week but I gave her oil of oregano yesterday morning and she practically sprinted home from our walk that nite.

Its so nice to feel so close to normal but I know that the problem persists and could return so Im just taking things day by day...BUT YAY! I really hope that everything ive gone thru helps others deal with this much better and quicker than I had to. Im glad im as strong as I am because im alone in this..well im glad I have you all out there. My friends who know im sick never ask me how im doing..EVER. Its like nobody cares. Makes me so sad when I think about it..so I don't :)

by the way..i know the little white garden looking bug came from my scalp (read vermox blog) because I shake my hair out over a black surface regularly when I feel stuff movin out. I used to use a white piece of paper.. sometimes I still do.

oh also something I take makes my palms really flaky. It may have been the b17 because since I stopped taking it..so have the flakes. Think it means my liver is unhappy with whatever it is I'm taking that makes that happen. It happened lots towards the end of treatment while on antibiotics. Like the last few weeks.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

March Against Monsanto Everywhere May 25th 2013

Morgellons Patient on tv show the Dr.s & New Anti-Monsanto app

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Vermox update

May 10th 2013
Also the vermox arrived. Took it last nite..too early to tell much..but did have an affect on the remaining symptoms and the spasms in me legs so ya I think those may be worms in there..yuk.. only time will tell but for now I feel like I have accomplished amazing things on my own and my health is best its been in years. The Garcinia Cambogia is working and I'm looking great!

update 5/15/13
vermox seems to help.. but I need more anti-parasitics.. definitely parasites remaining.. now for the parasite fight! a little white bug came out my scalp 2 days later(AFTER VERMOX). I smushed it and saved IT..haven't seen one of those in a couple of years.

the parasites move around lots between 1am and 3 am and during full moons..

watch video Morgellons patient on tv show the dr.s on this blog.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


antibiotics: doxycycline, cephalexin, tetracycline, Bactrim & Tetracycline, ampicillin (amp gets 5 stars!), minocycline
oil of Oregano
vitamin C
Infrered Light therapy (Dr. Hildegarde Staninger)
coconut oil
Bay Leaves
baking soda (dont take with vitamin c, wait 4hrs)
Grapeseed extract
cryptolepis S.
dog dewormer {ordered VERMOX the other day (finally a real wormer yay)
Super Lysine
MSM (GOOD STUFF WE ARE DEFICIENT OF) & Vitamin C enhances affects of MSM)
olive leaf extract
grapefruit seed extract (GSE)
Royal Jelly
Infrared light therapy
Youngevity Minerals (only tried 1x so far, had symptom reaction; Morgies are mineral deficient)
Shark Cartiladge
Garcinia Cambogia
Reishi Mushroom Powder
Stay Positive
Apple Cider Vinegar
Pau D'arco


The BAY LEAVES do seem to break up biofilm and free stuff that was stuck. I know the antibiotics helped tremendously!
Colloidal sillver is good but maybe not good for treating Morgellons

currently taking Garcinia Cambogia, Noni, B17, Oil of Oregano (OoO Rocks!), Reishi Mushroom Powder, probiotics & Shark Cartiladge and feel as if one or all of these things combined are doing something good because Im practically symptom free for the first time in years. I have to remind myself to take meds (BIG SMILE)not much comin out of me lately and my scalp is pretty calm..theres still stuff in there but its nothing like it was. The Vermox still has not arrived.(5/9/13 update)

I only took the minocycline for 10 days but I was on all the above antibiotics for months and months.

NOTE [got ulcer from nsaids while also using DryOxy so now i stick with pure oxygen instead since i dont know if the dryoxy gave me the ulcer or not. Ulcer seems to be gone for the most part (after a short time & antibiotics)]

Read more: http://morgellonsgroup.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=remedies&thread=3574&page=1#ixzz2RoIVU2br


XRAY & Laetrile Novodalin B17 and my dogs tumors UPDATE

MY DOG showed high protein levels on a blood test. Doc said could be Cancer. I noticed that my dog had been very tired, panting hard and non active. I ordered novodalin b17. Right away I noticed a positive change in her energy and attitude. It's only been 10 days however the bumps under her skin which just kept getting bigger have stopped growing or have gotten smaller. I also gave her Noni and Reishi mushroom powder that 1st week and she got a bad case of diarrhea. After a process of elimination I have concluded that the Noni was the culprit. So I switched out the Noni for me dog and now give her shark cartiladge & turmeric instead. I sprinkled a small amount of The Reishi and turmeric in her bag of dry food and shook it up..that way i dont have to think about it or worry about forgetting. The b17 (1 pill a day thus far, start with 1/2 every 12 hours for first few days) seems to be mild on my dogs tummy but the reishi, turmeric may be a little harsher. Jurys still out on the Shark cartiladge but it is good stuff. I am taking all this stuff as well and I feel the best I have since this all began 3 years ago. I actually feel that someting Im taking now may be killing the last of the something in me which is super resilient. But only time will tell....seems like i got most of those horrible white things out of my scalp..whew! that was maddening, seriously..constant swirly wiggly movement under the skin.. I MEAN MY GOD.. I never thought it would stop. I still have like 5% - 8% activity remaining but I barely notice it..YAY!

I FINALLY GOT AN XRAY AND GUESS WHAT??? .... it was normal..lol what did I expect? So i get there and of course the lump has moved and is barely visible/feel-able and the doc said well lets wait and see if the lump on your wrist resolves itself.. YEAH RIGHT LOL these docs are a joke..(then again theres only so much they can do at free clinics so I will give them a little slack) even the doggie docs on this planet are a joke.. we are in the twilight zone.

Ok so my best friend (dog) had high protein levels on her blood test but then the doc said she needs more expensive tests. I said I just paid $200 so u can tell me to give u more money b4 you can figure out whats wrong..so my poor dog has been getting tumors and stiff when walks. She is usually so happy and because she saw this happen to our other dog less than a year ago, she really tries hard to hide her pain. Guess she doesn't want to disappear like the other dog did. Its sad..anyway so I bought the B17 from Novodalin. About 2weeks ago I started giving her 1 pill a day for the 1st 10 days with slight improvement. I recently uped the dose to 1 1/2 per day and finally yesterday 2 a day (1 every 12hrs) and this morning most of the tumors are almost all gone. I noticed that they had stopped growing the first week and a couple got smaller. She has about six visible hard tumors or I should say had. However I don't know why my dogs walking isn't getting too much better..its just been getting worse. Today she seems better. She does have scoliosis but she has had that her whole life. The tumors are/were on her leg and belly. I can tell her tummy is bothering her. Gave her yogart, royal jelly, pepto and asprin this morning (probably also why she seems to feel better aside from the tumors going down). I had put turmeric and Reishi mushroom powder in her food bag but was concerned she was having a bad reaction, so I rinse her nuggets b4 giving them to her and she seems better. I also stopped giving her the shark cartilage because it seemed to coincide with her getting worse once I started giving it to her but I was also giving her the other stuff as well. So I stopped giving her the other supplements. Now im only giving her the B17 with olive oil, rice, spinach, artemis nuggets and sometimes oil of oregano. Ive given her asprin recently (but I don't like giving her asprin so I try not to unless she is just miserable). I am hoping to take her in for xrays soon so I can get a better idea of what to do next.. man I missed my calling lol I really should have gone to medical school. ah C'est la vie!

Friday, April 26, 2013


I ordered vermox..im finally getting a real wormer :) and not a dog dewormer from petco..

i gotta finish reading the pdf below but so far its very interesting and need to know info..


Prolonged use of minocycline over an extended period of time can lead to blue-gray skin and blue-gray staining of scar tissue is not permanent but it can take a very long time for the skin colour to return to normal


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

finally got an x-ray

I was able to finally get the bump on my hand/wrist xrayed yesterday. I get the results in 2weeks. Doc said it looked like a kind of cyst or the beginning of Arthritis. I cant believe I was able to call and get an appoinment the same day..which was awesome since this thing moves and dissappears at times. I stopped taking the minocycline after 9 or 10 days because it is really strong and I dont want to thicken my blood or harden my arteries (that was a few days ago). Luckily Noni has blood thinning qualities and I was taking noni at the same time. The shark cartilage, b17, Reishi powder and Noni seem to be powerful supplements. Im feelin good. Now I gotta figure out how to get them to xray the left side of me head...hmmm :) and my thighs over these muscle twitches. I failed to mention it to the Doc (who I actually liked btw) because it wasnt really happening but I just took some noni and b17 and had several huge, long twitches in my right thigh. Ive never been able to watch my leg twitch like that in all this time. Freaky.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Minocycline dangers

I did read that Minocycline can thicken the blood or arteries.. so I will only take it for 7-10 days. So far Im feeling that the laetrile b17, reishi powder, noni and minocycline are working in a different way than past remedies. Not sure if thats a good or bad thing yet but I do feel ok. After 2wks off antibiotics i had no short term memory and i noticed the problem yesterday as well. Been taking the mino for 7 days now. I am also feeling the symptoms of the fore mentioned thickening where i get brief head pains. Have not tried the shark cartilage yet but im thinking about it. I feel so close to being rid of all of these symptoms but just cant seem to shake it all the way off just yet.

Monday, April 8, 2013

future looks a bit brighter

ok so i stopped taking ampicillin about 10 days ago and have only been taking apricot oil really..(a friend gave me a weeks worth of Noni pills to try and they do seem to have an affect). A few days ago i got more oil of Oregano and i did take some resveratrol/GSE a week ago, all in all I dont feel like im gonna have a symptom attack like i have in the past after stopping antibiotics. The areas which were still slightly active while on antibiotics are still only slightly active and usually only active after i take the apricot oil etc. Now my other dog may have Cancer so i just bought NovoDalin's B17, GNC's Shark Cartillidge, Reishi Mushroom Powder, Noni extract pills and Minocycline antibiotics for myself. However I will definitely share and try all of these things first. Im not sure if i can give dogs noni or reishi yet but i will check. I believe there are people who give their dogs b17 but that i will double check as well. For the most part i feel as if the past treatments and antibiotics have killed much if not most of what was going on however the problem still persists to a lesser degree and will worsen if not treated so Im going back on antibiotics next week. I feel i may want to have a kid and it looks like i may be well enough to do so afterall.Since antibiotics seem to be working i feel i should stay on them as long as i can right now b4 things get even more steamy between me and a certain cute guy lol It may not be the best idea or easiest pregnancy but Im not gonna let this evil (illness) stop me from living! If i decide not to have children, i want it to be my choice. :)btw i do still have fibers and stuff comin out but not much.... also thinkin bout gettin youngevity juice and of course more coconut oil

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dr. Coldwell - The answer to Cancer = Apricot seeds

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0CH3UweMG8 http://www.apricotsfromgod.info/journal.htm

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Antibiotics Antibiotics Antibiotics! :)

ok so I did take ampicillin for about 3 weeks and just when it seemed to be really working I ran out and went back to tetracycline. Now Ive been back on Ampicillin 500mg 2x daily for about the last 10 days and I can honestly say that I know for sure that my body is almost free of this madness but will continue with antibiotics for 2 more months. I have been taking antibiotics now since October 2012, however, since Novemeber(with only a few 3 day breaks inbetween. I have not had much oil of oregano or bay leaves last couple weeks..instead I am taking GSE (grapefruit seed extract) and resveratrol/grapeseed extract a few times a week. My scalp is not nearly as active as it has been over the last two years. Actually my scalp is mostly calm these days..when I do feel something it comes out for good. There was just lots and lots of bacteria etc in me body, so much so its taking 4 months (actually 5 or 6 if you add all the antibiotic episodes)and I feel I may have 1 or 2 months left. My muscles barely spasm now it just feels like slight movement or vibration in my muscles and as always with every dose of antibiotics the spasms have been reduced. This process is extremely slow. I do and dont look fwd to stopping the antibiotics.....