Thursday, June 20, 2013


doin great..feelin like most stuff is gone out of me.. I noticed that the combination of garcinia cambogia and noni seem to have a positive pushing out affect as well as a good herx but I get that from the noni alone. There are days where I take no medication and have no activity. Still slight spasms in my legs and arms every so often but nothing like what it was. So now i'm taking noni mostly(sometimes with garcinia c) and some days shark cartilage which also seems to help. only time will tell but so far it just seems like a really slow process. I have had a good # of those fuzz balls come out in the last several weeks and then no more activity in those areas.

gave my dog some antibiotics, and apricot seeds and DLPA daily for pain and she is feelin better and in a better mood and panting much less but still walking slow because whateva is wrong is still at issue however. hopin to get her an x-ray very soon.

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