Friday, September 30, 2011

Binding Maple Syrup & Sodium Bicarbonate DOES work!

the other nite Dr Simoncini was on coast to coast am disputing the effectiveness of binding baking soda to maple syrup. I honor his work with Cancer and baking soda but i gotta honestly say he sounded kinda like a bit of a nut on the radio. Not only that but I know that he is wrong about cooking the bs/ms (baking soda/maple syrup). How do I know? Well my body tells me that he is wrong and I wonder just how he came to the conclusion that it lessens the effectiveness of the baking soda. After months of using this treatment i can honestly say that binding the bs/ms together seems to be stronger than just ingesting it alone or with water. My body has a much stronger reaction and in more places.

Anyway, I cant believe that I actually figured out how to kill the crap swirling around under my scalp. I walk around and think wow I almost feel normal again..this is what it feels like not to have Morgellons.. YES! This process is very slow because these things have to come out and God only knows how much there is in there but soooooooooo much of it is gone.. I know I am doing the right things. It sometimes feels like this nightmare is never gonna end especially because you begin to get impatient once you are doing so much better. I barely feel much but its now totally irritating whereas before it was maddening but you dealt with it. I think the biggest problem with curing these diseases is tenacity. We must be as tenacious as the disease. We cannot give up. Stopping too soon leads to failure and a false belief that the "cure" didnt work or only worked temporarily.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

#1 ALL NATURAL MORGELLONS / LYME treatment for People & Pets (BAKING SODA binded to MAPLE SYRUP, MSM, OIL of OREGANO, Vitamin C, Diatomaceous Earth etc

BEST MORGELLONS / LYME DISEASE treatment for poor People & their Pets


(BAKING SODA binded to MAPLE SYRUP, MSM, OIL of OREGANO, Diatomaceous Earth w/Boron, Vitamin C, Olive Leaf Extract, Royal Jelly, coconut juice(water/oil), & a parasite zapper)Red Wine (resveratrol & Flavanoids)

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do you or your pets have Morgellons? Find out w/ a black light

slightly updated 9/12/2011 ..the coconut reference was made on Sept 10, 2011
if you try this please let me know and keep in touch here

I suspect that Morgellons may be a mutated form of Lyme disease with overgrown Borrelia Spirochetes bacteria, fungus & parasites. Giardia may be involved. As well as Silk Worms, Flagella and Bartonella etc. I decided to focus on fighting lyme and anything which makes a human being ill (fungus, viruses, bacteria and parasites).

This treatment (MSM, Baking Soda, Oil of Oregano, Olive Leaf Extract, Diatomaceous Earth, Royal Jelly, coconut oil & parasite zappers) also safe for dogs and cats (dogs make their own Vitamin C so don't give them any or their bodies will stop making it). We have all been doing this for 6 weeks (average 10% improvement weekly) with no ill effects (that i can see)only positive healing. It is not good to give animals citrus so instead I put a little vinegar in their water from time to time. I give my dogs bs/ms and oil of Oregano 2x daily (only 2 gel pills a day) & cat 1x daily or every other day (1 oil of oregano pill, 250 mg MSM, small amount of bs/ms mixture for cat), I only give the dogs 500mg of MSM 1x daily..sometimes i will give them 1000mg of MSM.. I mix everything into my cats wet food along with her normal phenobarbital and she has been fine with that.

I now feel over 90% cured. Its a slow process but it really works. All other treatments only mask or make Morgellons dormant.
My big dogs tumors appear to be shrinking and my little dog had black color on her belly that’s finally going away. My 16 year old cat is also doing very well.

I am also starting to suspect that Baking soda is a cure all when used as a base and combined with other natural herbs and oils. Finding the right combination is the key. But big pharma cannot patent sodium bicarbonate because it is a naturally occurring compound. I did some research on doctors who have had success curing some cancers with Baking Soda. Can you imagine that the cure for all disease could be baking soda and the medical community has been doing chemotherapy on people etc??

I also believe (much like my distant cousin Dr. Linus Pauling) that Vitamin C is essential however Sodium Bicarbonate destroys vitamin C so it is important to wait 4 hours after taking Sodium Bicarbonate before taking the Vitamin C. I must admit that i have not been taking the recommended amount of vitamin c pills but i do drink tons of orange juice. Oxygenation is another important aspect. Bacteria can only stand so much oxygen although parasites may like it (urgh).

Here is what I’ve been doing for Morgellons the last 45 days and my symptoms have diminished with each dose. I really feel that I am finally conquering/annihilating this disease because in the past I have gotten it to go dormant or to calm down with colloidal silver and antibiotics like cephalexin but then when the symptoms return they are the same as they were or worse thus why I do not really include Colloidal Silver with this treatment (i did take it twice 2 weeks ago). As I mentioned before I am concerned that colloidal silver may assist mycoplasma....Now the only problem is once I no longer feel anything (symptoms) at all (probably next week)I wont be sure when to stop but I'm sure I will figure it out. Definitely going another 14 days at least. Also once i stop daily treatment im going to make this treatment a weekly/monthly part of my life.

Recipe to kill a Fungus Among us;

1st batch I made using 3 tbsp 100% Pure Maple Syrup and 1 tbsp baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) in a regular size pot (not a small sauce pan) cooked on a low heat for 5 minutes stirring constantly! Let it cool then i rolled the SB/MS mixture into little cylinders and stuffed it into pill capsules along with Olive Leaf Extract, Cayenne pepper, garlic salt and more baking soda. The rest of the batches i made i doubled 6 tbsp maple syrup & 2 tbsp baking soda and would just eat it right off of the spoon. Grade A 100% pure maple syrup works (ive yet to try grade B)
Its also ok to refrigerate the mixture and reheat


In the morning (7am)
Breathe stretch
Coffee, OJ, lemon water or a capful of vinegar in water (keeps balance/prevents alkolosis)
SB/MS (1 or 2 Hershey kiss size)
Protein breakfast (spinach omlette w/cheese)
2 oil of Oregano pills (NOT oregano or oregano oil)
Diatomaceous Earth

1000mg vitamin C & 1000mg MSM 4 hours after (11am)
(MSM is known to enhance the affects of vitamin C)

In the Afternoon (1 or 2pm)
10 minutes of sunlight
orange juice or lemon water
SB/MS (1 Hershey kiss size)
yogart (probiotics)(i only ate yogart for first 10 days)
1 olive leaf extract pill

1000mg vitamin C & 1000mg MSM 4 hours after (5 or 6pm)
(MSM is known to enhance the affects of vitamin C)
2 oil of Oregano pills

In the evening (7-8pm)
Red Wine (Flavanoids & Resveratrol) or Peanuts etc (Resveratrol – a powerful antioxidant)
Breathe stretch
SB/MS (1 Hershey kiss size)
1 olive leaf extract pills (i had olive leaf 1st 2wks then ran out but a powerful aid)
Orange juice

Tried Pau D'Arco but not sure about it. It is a strong herb SO BE VERY cautious about mixing it with other meds OR giving it to pets(may not be safe for pregnant women)

DIATOMACEOUS EARTH (edible kind ok for people & pets)
There is Boron in Diatomaceous Earth. A Boron supplement may be worth looking into/ taking.

Coconut Juice/coconut water and Coconut Oil Rock!!!
especially for those of us facing the threat of radiation poisoning.

2-4 Vitamin C 4 hours after ( no less than 2000 mg & no more than 9000 mg per day)

a few weeks in i added ROYAL JELLY to the regimen (tissue regenerative properties )

be cautious with too much dairy

Day 6 added parasite zapper to regimen (only used a few times so far/ check into rife therapy & magnets)

Day 10 – reduced Sodium Bicarbonate intake a little
(week 4 went from 3x daily to 2x daily)

Reiki Meditation – visualizing light coming into my charkas pushing negative energy out thru my root cord. BELIEVE! HAVE FAITH! BE POSITIVE!

It is also very healthy to sing, dance, listen to music, laugh, cry, oxygenate, do brain exercises, have sex and sleep as much as possible. Playing Sudoku is great exercise for your brain.

There will be a Herxe Reaction which will last for hours. Symptoms act up and then diminish. I lost 7 pounds in two days after months of not being able to loose weight.

note: on Sept 3rd 2011 I took 36 hours off from baking soda..then when I took the MSM it felt as if it worked better.

Heres a 2012 update
amounts, rose hips and grapeseed
so I put salt back into the protocol and got vitamin c with rose hips and immediately start having herx reactions again although not as bad as before. Last week I heard the popping sounds again from my scalp and then a few days of the white bacteria/parasites coming out of me but they were very small. I think that my financial setback allowed stuff to grow back. Im better now but feeling tired last couple days. I think because of the powerful antioxidants (resveratrol w/grapeseed) I just started taking in pill form. I also got some probiotics in pill form.

Here are the mg's of the pills I take..this is per pill

Salt (not sure 1/2 - 1 teaspoon)
Pau D'arco 545mg
Oil of Oregano 150mg
Grape seed extract 100mg
Resveratrol 15mg (also includes grape skin extract 37.5mg, grape extract 12.5mg)
MSM 1000mg
Vitamin C 500mg-1000mg
Folic Acid 800 mcg
liquid Olive leaf extract 1/2-full dropper
Boron 3m (not to exceed 20mg per day)
every couple weeks i take Super Lysine 1500mg (also includes Vitamin C, echinacea, licorice, propolis, oderless garlic)
probiotics (any)
Baking soda maple syrup mix (not sure how much, please read my protocol)
Royal Jelly (1/2 - 1 tablespoon a day)
Diatomaceous (no more than a tsp a day actually more like 1/2 teaspoon)
Coconut oil/water (not sure how much but i drink/eat it often)
Garlic and Basil
lots of water