Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Feelin aight again

still got soreness a little and stuff still comin out but i plucked black fibers from root and the soreness & activity cease..also there is alot of silicon on the root tip..much more so than normal hair..norm hair is white @ root but these black "hairs" r different. I can feel fibers come out n a wavy shape but b4 that it sometimes feels like sharp electrical pops (hot glass)..& b4 i pull them out my scalp gets real irritated until i get it off of my head ..hope my zapper is being fixed & sent back soon:)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

oil makes fibers come out

i was wondering if the vitamin e oil i put on my hair had anything 2do with the fibers coming out. I found others online who had same experience..also the algea grows in spring & late August & thats when ive had the most problems.i found 7000 other people starting a class action lawsuit & a petition. Im gonna join & sign & again also if we dont fight against this mind controlling bug Humanity is doomed toward enslavement. We must stop this! Its no wonder most doctors wont help.theyre not strong enough 2fight the infection.they do seem in a trance dont they? Even if u show them fibers coming out & jumping around they still have blank looks on theyre faces. I'll never get over that 1doc asking me if i drew dots on my feet where bite holes were..jerk! Off with their heads! Anyway the fibers have almost completely stopped coming out. I started taking amox/clauv antibiotics tuesday nite to clear up any infection. The soreness on my scalp is going away!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ok so i freaked 4 a minute

i wanted this crap out of me body now when it comes out i freak hurts and feels so strange..i read that it goes into remission but hope that the feeling of hot glass bursting thru my skin is result of not i think im only controling the symptoms. I gotta figure out how to kill messes with my circuitry . The spots where ive been feelin activity have been producing fibers last few days and they hurt & itch when they come out.

another futile doctors visit

omg i went dare that doc speak to me that way and suggest i need anti psychotic meds. She was so condesending i complained to the head doc. I hope all these evil doctors who turn us away become infected with Morgellons and i NEVER wish curses upon anyone but they need to experience what we are so that they will take it seriously..then i want apologies! Its ok gettin zapper fixed :) then gonna figure out how to get the stuff i need out of live bone marrow & possibly cure myself & me animals once & for all. :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


so my head has been killin me last few days. This disease is incredible & exhausting. Now im finding that these pointy white & wispy white "dog hairs" are actually comin out of me. I was runnin low on silver til last night. I need olive leaf & a new zapper bad. Think i fixed my zapper not sure but these thick black & wispy white fibers are jumping with magnetic energy..tried to get some video. Stopped taking oil of more silver..concerned i reversed my zapper the other day..maybe why i had a little relapse..thich black fibers feel like hot glass when they come out..silver & zapper is calming symptoms..thank God..this bites! Litterally..this is a long painful process but i have faith i shall overcome this invasion. Every fiber ive ever mentioned has been comin out of me scalp the last week..including fuzzy little scalp tickles & itches but the soreness of my scalp is finally going away after 3 weeks..thinkin bout takin the last of my antibiotics but prob wont

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

THe o.g. White blue fibers

ive found some of the original fibers lately but they too look unhealthy..hadnt seen those for a while. Btw the squiggly fibers are white..the whole thing gives me the creeps..the other day i heard & felt a pop at the base of my scalp on the right side & ever since then no vibration from that spot & less thin white fibers. Scalp is still sore but all the fibers, red, white, blue, black, white gold & blue white fibers are all smaller & thinner by the day.

Oaklahoma State University morgellons research

Check this out ..they understand mgD because many of them have it. I have been havinpain & soreness on me scalp past 3days but control it w/silver & zapper. I gotta get more olive leaf &try oil of oregano. Seems like bentonite made stuff in my scalp really upset (pain & pricks etc)& active but the silver & zapper makes it better but i wish i co uld get some real help im getting really tired of all of this & just want it to stop once & for all! PLEASE! & 4me amiNals too :( :) side note..i read much ado about nano on & feel the prof doesnt understand that this is ancient alien technology so most of what we understand re: science is super primative & therefore the writers conclusions re:nano & morgellons is completey invalid.

Monday, September 13, 2010

almost there?

Ran out of olive leaf & soon felt movement under my scalp again after 1wk break. Luckily i have had about 3 (1wk) breaks. I felt activity yesterday & the day b4 so i zapped and took bentonite...still takin silver 3-4x daily..good news is i expected to feel subtle activity in those spots for i was not convinced it was dead there yet..soon i will get oil of oregeno. So far the combo of 3 really works best...olive leaf.silver.& zapper..only doing 1 or 2 of those is not nearly as effective however the silver plays a huge part in neutralizing the activity..seems like the olive leaf eats "it" and the zapping fries it. There are squiggly hairs that are no longer squiggly..they look lighter..thinner and unhealthy..i can feel them come out..thus all of the so called "activity" especially at the base & top of my scalp. 1 of my dogs still has healthy squigglies so i gotta zap them more..its hard 2do when ur homeless but i will. They have been on silver daily 2..also olive leaf as well until i ran out..just gotta zap em.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

VEry Inter-esting!

so ive had this thick black hair comin out under my left nostral just above my lip. Of course ive been shavin it for a few years but wondered if it would now go away since it seems im controlling/killing the morgellons. Ever since using those ray o vac batteries from Walmart....i feel wiggly movement in my chin & jaw when i zap. Had wondered why i had so many dark spots on me chin. Anyway 2make a long story short the damn thing is finally gone. I shaved it off last week& it has yet 2grow back like it normally does:) for the 1st time ever! Hip hip hooray! A dark spot is all that remains.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Feelin almost 100%cured

have not had to zap daily still takin silver & less olive leaf ..barely feel any activity and finding less & less & thinner & thinner fibers..found a bright blue metallic 1 yesterday but it didnt look healthy :) yay! I cant believe it..i started eating bone marrow (which i forgot to mention) but couldnt get to the stuff in the marrow i needed so i went to silver etc...