Monday, September 13, 2010

almost there?

Ran out of olive leaf & soon felt movement under my scalp again after 1wk break. Luckily i have had about 3 (1wk) breaks. I felt activity yesterday & the day b4 so i zapped and took bentonite...still takin silver 3-4x daily..good news is i expected to feel subtle activity in those spots for i was not convinced it was dead there yet..soon i will get oil of oregeno. So far the combo of 3 really works best...olive leaf.silver.& zapper..only doing 1 or 2 of those is not nearly as effective however the silver plays a huge part in neutralizing the activity..seems like the olive leaf eats "it" and the zapping fries it. There are squiggly hairs that are no longer squiggly..they look lighter..thinner and unhealthy..i can feel them come out..thus all of the so called "activity" especially at the base & top of my scalp. 1 of my dogs still has healthy squigglies so i gotta zap them more..its hard 2do when ur homeless but i will. They have been on silver daily 2..also olive leaf as well until i ran out..just gotta zap em.

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