Thursday, September 23, 2010

oil makes fibers come out

i was wondering if the vitamin e oil i put on my hair had anything 2do with the fibers coming out. I found others online who had same experience..also the algea grows in spring & late August & thats when ive had the most problems.i found 7000 other people starting a class action lawsuit & a petition. Im gonna join & sign & again also if we dont fight against this mind controlling bug Humanity is doomed toward enslavement. We must stop this! Its no wonder most doctors wont help.theyre not strong enough 2fight the infection.they do seem in a trance dont they? Even if u show them fibers coming out & jumping around they still have blank looks on theyre faces. I'll never get over that 1doc asking me if i drew dots on my feet where bite holes were..jerk! Off with their heads! Anyway the fibers have almost completely stopped coming out. I started taking amox/clauv antibiotics tuesday nite to clear up any infection. The soreness on my scalp is going away!

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