Monday, July 9, 2012

ok so I just got back from Dr. Staningers office. Luckily its close by :)go figure lol. I have yet to meet with the doctor although I think I may of seen the back of her head as she left. I did enjoy my first fir infrared treatment. 1st treatment is free. And the great news is ..i had a lump appear on my hand last week. I actually tried to cut it out of my hand and what I saw was looked like a cyst or eggs..hell maybe it was skin..i dont know but it remained unmoved. It did get a little smaller after i cut it but it totally went away today during treatment. YAY! That damn thing was gonna be hard to explain to folks who dont know im sick. At intergrative health systems (Dr. Staninger's office), they have 4 different machines that they use..1st a sun beam infrared capsule, 4th mps capsule dima, 3rd infrared sauna and the 2nd machine i used was the BodyRex, ive used one before. It shakes/vibrates your whole body. Reminds me of the old 50's exercise machine with the band around the waist. I was very relaxed after treatment. The 2nd machine did make my legs real itchy for the first few minutes..much the same way that the treadmill does and i know its bugs in there cause i could feel them swirling around everytime id injest antibiotics. Oh yeah and I did experience a die off herx reaction. Herx has become rare for me lately. I also found those damn white filiments on my arms when i left treatment. I never find them there..I am pretty sure I will still feel something in my scalp but so far Im at peace. I mixed cryptolepis S, olive leaf extract, and the wormwood/black walnut supreme together in one bottle. The bottle got hot for a few minutes which concerned me but the stuff seems to still work well. I also got liquid Oil of Oregano. I did get that colloidal silver and after a year am back on it. I am not going to take anything until i feel i need to but Staninger doesnt reccomend Colloidal Silver..says it helps with the symptoms but not the core of the problem. I keep forgetting to mention something important..a few months back inbetween taking the antibiotics and while taking lumbrokinase..I heard and felt 3 loud pops on the top left side of my head where lots of activity happens. After the pops i heard a loud long squeal. Soon after that many of those small white things/filiments/worms came out of that area and a large white filiment/worm came out. Ever since that area has been pretty calm. There is still slight activity there and around it but nothing like b4.