Saturday, October 23, 2010

sulfer & salt?

Been meaning to try msm..heard salt, garlic & eggs help there is sulfer in eggs..ive been slackin on zappin..only done it 2 or 3 times since gettin zapper head itches all day in same two spots but other than that i feel great! & just on silver :) feel like i must get msm & more olive leaf extract..might not use zapper for a time so seeking alternatives..also feeling stronger & ready to really kill this bitch!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ok good news update

i got my zapper back 2day. Yay! But i dont need it right now..i just used it & not really any activity on my scalp at all..actually not much happenin pain or movement wise ever since i plucked crazy cluster fibers from two spots on the top of my head. However i have been finding lots of stringy web like blue, black & white fibers. Another interesting note..seems like oil of oregon does something..makes fibers more active & come out. Also i did not have zapper for nearly a month. Also wasnt speakin 2my boyfriend for over a there was no sex & no zapper..only silver..i tend to think these kind of things are not accidents. :) now i wonder if im actually getting "it" out or if "its" just going into remission til spring ("it" being the Morgellons)..guess we will find out

Monday, October 4, 2010

Tried to help a homeless man with skin disease

i told him to get a zapper. Said he had pin worms that popped up & would go back in. I told him it looked like morgellons but he really believes otherwise. I gave him all the info & my email. Said he had web access..hope i helped..his arms had lots of scabbed lesions. Wish i could have given him a zap pack but i have no money for anything. I met him at a food pantry.

a few things i forgot

Last month i started to use duct tape on my scalp when i feel like i may have something crawling & i found little bright red things on tape & crawling stopped..i also have fibers coming out of my eyebrows, privates, back & possibly ears & nose etc..still no zapper but i pulled fibers out by root last week and activity is now ultra minimal..i also bleached my head the other day & noticed that bleach & relaxer makes soreness go away. Been having losts of wispy white hairs comin out my head still though as well as everything else just mostly wispy white ones. Not as much movement or vibration but still fibers coming out constantly. Bleach stalls things a bit though.. Stalls activity for half a day or a day.