Wednesday, August 24, 2011

progress report

feelin almost normal again. i barely feel much of a reaction anymore but i do still feel some slight spasms in me legs. There are still things goin on with my scalp but 90% less than 6wks ago when my scalp would move as if it were a hair piece or as if a snake was slithering around...yeah it was unpleasant..not to mention the constant popping pains etc Not shedding really anything anymore (or so it seems).

its a process but each week there has been significant improvement and now I feel another 2 weeks and i will be done with this horrible disease. Although next week i prob wont feel a darn thing anymore. I am thinking about stopping the baking soda soon but will probably be too afraid to do so..its just that i still dont know if im preggers and the bs worries me a bit...C'est la vie..its best for my body to be clear & free of this disease either way..will keep you updated

BTW~ My animals are all well. None of us have had any bad reaction to this treatment that i can see (a bit concerned about calcium deposits). But as far as i can tell its been only positive healing. My body really fought with those two main spots on my scalp but i am very happy to report that my immune system kicked ass and I feel peace I have not felt in far too long.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Morgellons Cure ? I feel 90% healed so far &....

someone removed my blog link from a private message on facebook. Strange because its never happened before with any other links....hmmmm LOL as far as Im concerned that is a GREAT sign :D I'm almost at week 6 and I know this time its not remission its annihilation :D Eventually i will stop taking the baking soda, oil and msm daily but will at least continue on a weekly basis until i feel i am no longer threatened and since we are flying blind in regards to exactly how one gets Morgellons..seems like this treatment is just going to be a part of my life. At least i know how much of the sodium bicarbonate my body can handle and have no concern about taking it once a week. But I wont feel comfortable doing that until next month I fear. Although I'd really like to give my body a break from the BS..its simply too soon to do so.

GO TO MY PROTOCOL BLOG for my exact regimen...

Baking Soda/ Maple Syrup Grade A (I've yet to try Grade B)
oil of Oregano (not oregano or oregano oil)
Vitamin C (preferably orange juice)
olive leaf extract
Diatomaceous Earth
parasite zapper (very very helpful and speeds up process but prob not necessary)
Pau D'arco
coconut oil

yesterday i had a milestone moment

the main spot on my scalp got active and then a big OUCH.. Ive noticed that when that pain hits its usually means the end of the road for the crap in that spot because after you have the BIG ouch moment..its all uphill :) you may still feel stuff very near that spot or even in that spot but it wont hurt again once the big ouch occurs (know that small ouch's do occur prior to the final big one)

Also I could see the Morgellons clusters thru my ex boyfriends skin on his thigh. He thought it was veracose veins they do look similar if thats what u want to believe..they are red and blue clusters that look like spirochetes. I can see why it would take so long to eliminate the clusters in vitro from the way the clusters appear. If you think u have this do the baking soda test..veracose veins are impossible to deal with and do not ever just go away unlike the clusters.. i think the ones in our legs can move about a bit because they seemed to come & go or relocate.

Friday, August 19, 2011

ADD MSM to the Regimine

wish I had been taking the MSM all along. I probably would be just about finished..feels like my immune system is finally getting a grip on those two main spots on me scalp. I think they may be the oldest & strongest bugs/bacteria in there.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

i finally know whats makin the holes on my feet

its those damn weird white bacteria looking things. Thats actually a relief but still traumatizing. I am also glad to have more MSM..its definately needed in my regimine. Now I am taking the oil of oregano, baking soda & msm at different times so i can really tell more of what is reacting to what. the bacteria, viruses, parasites & fungus all hate the oil of oregano, parasites hate the msm and fungi cant survive the baking soda. oy vey this may take two months but it will still be alot less time than the approximate 1yr it takes with anti-biotics :) btw eventhough i dont feel lots of reactions anymore. I do still get the chills after taking a dose so I know that Herxe is still in effect and something is still in there that doesnt belong. Its wierd..once you really clear up most of the start having centralized Herxe on one side of your body or just your head or half your head..your torso, leg, its so strange lol

Monday, August 15, 2011

feeling great!

on Sat I took some colloidal silver in the AM and didnt take any baking soda/ maple syrup/ oil of oregano until about 3pm. My symptoms were going crazy by then & in one of the two main spots i did feel something wiggle and stop and has not started again. Been back on treatment 2x a day and I also took a 1000mg MSM pill today Ran out some time ago)along with 3 oil of Oregano pills. I'm not having much of a reaction anymore...when i do feel a reaction its very subtle and slightly itchy. I barely feel any spasms in my muscles anymore either. Yesterday for the first time in weeks I found about ten overgrown bacteria on my scalp but they looked like babies..maybe 1 adult. I read that the adults might hide in eggs. Also even if i kill all the adults, babies may still form. I was worried that there were still a few parasites because they go silent sometimes and dont move for long periods of time. But today i feel very hopefull again that ive just about completely cleared my system of unwanted invaders.
I was thinking about going back to doing treatment 3x a day but now I do not think i have to..we shall see. Wish I could use my zapper but if I'm preggers thats not good to do.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Royal Jelly

Been eating Premiere one Royal Jelly every day. It has tissue regenerative properties amongst many other vitamins and nutrients. I highly recommend it!

Oh & Ive been kinda cautious about dairy for some reason so i started taking calcium & vitamin D. I have not had yogart in 10 days because i have been workin crazy hours.

Ok I think I have relayed everything :)

Update :D

It really feels as if I am finally winning this war. I didnt have Oil of Oregano for 4 days in which my symptoms began to irritate me in the two main spots on top of my scalp. So I located a cluster of "grey hairs" and pulled them out from the root with tweezers. For some reason I always experience great relief when pulling those ones out. The next day a white bug came out of wonder i kept feeling something there when everything else is almost totally gone. Again..ewwwww Gross! I captured it but have yet to truly investigate it. At the same time i found that white maybe winged bug on my pillow (right after feeling it dancing on my scalp)I actually finally got to see one of the over-grown mutated bacteria wiggle out of my wrist and commit suicide. My insides are too hostile and the oxygen kills them as soon as they are exposed. When it jumped I screamed and jumped too lol..this is just too much for a girl who doesn't care much for bugs and creepy crawlies but I am surprised at how well I am putting up with it.

I will tell you this. As soon as your body really starts to heal, any hint of this crap is just totally unacceptable..its so weird how the Herxe (symptoms) is so much less yet its so much harder to tolerate lol. The Body is Truly Great. My immune system had been asking for help for so long and I finally figured that out. together we are kicking it completely out but damn it takes forever. Check this out:

Herxheimer reaction which is an immune response to the destruction of Borrelia burgdorferi spirochetes, the bacteria that cause Lyme disease. Bacteria escape immune detection by altering surface protein antigens. I wonder if our immune system has a memory or if it must be constantly reminded. Hmmm??

Feeling like I need to continue for a total of at least 45 days. I also think I may be preggers so I am a great Guinea pig. I did take some colloidal silver today for the 1st time in 2 months because after some research I am a little less concerned but still skeptical. I had read that mycoplasma thrive in heavy metals and that concerned me but what I've read says that colloidal silver actually kills mycoplasma. Im still not sure so prob wont use often if at all. Plus the whole baby thing. I had implantation bleeding on the 2nd so we shall see.

Oh and the holes on my feet are back but this time it seems as if the parasites are leaving as opposed to entering. I also started only taking treatment 2x a day last Saturday or Sunday.

Thursday, August 4, 2011