Saturday, August 20, 2011

Morgellons Cure ? I feel 90% healed so far &....

someone removed my blog link from a private message on facebook. Strange because its never happened before with any other links....hmmmm LOL as far as Im concerned that is a GREAT sign :D I'm almost at week 6 and I know this time its not remission its annihilation :D Eventually i will stop taking the baking soda, oil and msm daily but will at least continue on a weekly basis until i feel i am no longer threatened and since we are flying blind in regards to exactly how one gets Morgellons..seems like this treatment is just going to be a part of my life. At least i know how much of the sodium bicarbonate my body can handle and have no concern about taking it once a week. But I wont feel comfortable doing that until next month I fear. Although I'd really like to give my body a break from the BS..its simply too soon to do so.

GO TO MY PROTOCOL BLOG for my exact regimen...

Baking Soda/ Maple Syrup Grade A (I've yet to try Grade B)
oil of Oregano (not oregano or oregano oil)
Vitamin C (preferably orange juice)
olive leaf extract
Diatomaceous Earth
parasite zapper (very very helpful and speeds up process but prob not necessary)
Pau D'arco
coconut oil

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