Wednesday, August 17, 2011

i finally know whats makin the holes on my feet

its those damn weird white bacteria looking things. Thats actually a relief but still traumatizing. I am also glad to have more MSM..its definately needed in my regimine. Now I am taking the oil of oregano, baking soda & msm at different times so i can really tell more of what is reacting to what. the bacteria, viruses, parasites & fungus all hate the oil of oregano, parasites hate the msm and fungi cant survive the baking soda. oy vey this may take two months but it will still be alot less time than the approximate 1yr it takes with anti-biotics :) btw eventhough i dont feel lots of reactions anymore. I do still get the chills after taking a dose so I know that Herxe is still in effect and something is still in there that doesnt belong. Its wierd..once you really clear up most of the start having centralized Herxe on one side of your body or just your head or half your head..your torso, leg, its so strange lol

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