Wednesday, August 24, 2011

progress report

feelin almost normal again. i barely feel much of a reaction anymore but i do still feel some slight spasms in me legs. There are still things goin on with my scalp but 90% less than 6wks ago when my scalp would move as if it were a hair piece or as if a snake was slithering around...yeah it was unpleasant..not to mention the constant popping pains etc Not shedding really anything anymore (or so it seems).

its a process but each week there has been significant improvement and now I feel another 2 weeks and i will be done with this horrible disease. Although next week i prob wont feel a darn thing anymore. I am thinking about stopping the baking soda soon but will probably be too afraid to do so..its just that i still dont know if im preggers and the bs worries me a bit...C'est la vie..its best for my body to be clear & free of this disease either way..will keep you updated

BTW~ My animals are all well. None of us have had any bad reaction to this treatment that i can see (a bit concerned about calcium deposits). But as far as i can tell its been only positive healing. My body really fought with those two main spots on my scalp but i am very happy to report that my immune system kicked ass and I feel peace I have not felt in far too long.


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