Wednesday, January 25, 2012

amounts, rose hips and grapeseed

so I put salt back into the protocol and got vitamin c with rose hips and immediately start having herx reactions again although not as bad as before. Last week I heard the popping sounds again from my scalp and then a few days of the white bacteria/parasites coming out of me but they were very small. I think that my financial setback allowed stuff to grow back. Im better now but feeling tired last couple days. I think because of the powerful antioxidants (resveratrol w/grapeseed) I just started taking in pill form. I also got some probiotics in pill form.

Here are the mg's of the pills I take..this is per pill. (ppd = pills per day)

Salt (not sure 1/2 - 1 teaspoon)
Pau D'arco 545mg (1-3 ppd)
Oil of Oregano 150mg (2-6 ppd)
Grape seed extract 100mg (this is in the resveratrol pill..2ppd)
Resveratrol 15mg (also includes grape skin extract 37.5mg, grape extract 12.5mg)

MSM 1000mg (1-2 ppd)
Vitamin C 500mg-1000mg
Folic Acid 800 mcg (1ppd)
Multi-Vitamin (1ppd)
liquid Olive leaf extract (1/2-full dropper ppd)
Boron 3m (not to exceed 20mg per day)
every couple weeks i take Super Lysine 1500mg (also includes Vitamin C, echinacea, licorice, propolis, oderless garlic)
probiotics (any)(1ppd)
Baking soda maple syrup mix (not sure how much, please read my protocol)
Royal Jelly (1/2 - 1 tablespoon a day)
Diatomaceous Earth (no more than a tsp a day actually more like 1/2 teaspoon)
Coconut oil/water (not sure how much but i drink/eat it often)
lots of water
Garlic and Basil
parasite zapper 15-50 minutes

some of the above can be found at the 99 cents only stores

also try asprin, nyquil and wheatgrass

Saturday, January 21, 2012

check out this site i just found

these folks have come to practically the same conclusion i have except they have scientific instruments and i do not .. pretty cool stuff, lots of photos too

and this too

Sunday, January 15, 2012


the Lyme disease crunching sound is almost gone. It has been gradually going away since I started my protocol. As have the muscle spasms in my legs. I have not had spasms in my arms for some time (maybe a month).

You can find my protocol if you scroll down 5 blogs. I did it continuously for a few months b4 I started to really reduce my intake of baking soda. Ive kept this blog in hopes that my trials and tribulations would be of great assistance in the search for a cure..and in the leaste..relief from these terrible diseases.

P.S. I just got more Royal Jelly today..Finally! Its been a while. Been out of Boron for a couple weeks but I have everything else. Will get more Boron very soon.

Wheat Grass & Zythromax

I keep failing to mention that Wheatgrass seems to be beneficial. I am also considering a way to get a z pack of anti-biotics (zythromax)because I feel that maybe just maybe anti-biotics will help kick whatever remains, out of me. Im not in remission but I also am not having many symptoms any longer. :)

actually Doxycycline & cefuroxime are the antibiotics used to treat Lyme

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Update

this is a modified letter i wrote today to a man who has Lyme disease...

well my protocol may not cure us but it allows you to live as if you are cured...i wrote cure to get peoples attention..problem is Ive only been doing it for a few months so i dont know what the outcome will be..and i have had setbacks with money or not having any..made it hard to keep on the medication. If you try my protocol i think you also need to get a hold of some antibiotics as i did (cephalexin)..they will help but not completely. It takes a year of antibiotics to get rid of Lyme disease. I have never been tested for Lyme either. I had all the symptoms though..i def had/have morgellons but..not really having morgellons symptoms anymore. I still have movement under my scalp but its just annoying and kinda infrequent now, not painful or uncomfortable...disturbing but not miserable like i was b4. I pretty much feel back to normal and i still feel as if Im slowly killing whatever is inside me. When my symptoms first began, I was super worried about being around people because i didnt know if it was contagious but my exboyfriend's seem to be fine as does everyone else who has been around me (im the only one I know with Morgellons).. thing is it could take years to surface..but i believe that we are all being poisoned by the so called powers that be. The evidence is in everyone. One man has found morgellons fibers in every person he has tested randomly. I understand much about what im dealing with and still at the same time..not understanding what im dealing with. It sucks and u gotta keep up with the meds and zapping for a while. if not indefinetly. BUT IM HAPPY. I FEEL HEALTHY. I FEEL LIKE THERE IS HOPE.