Monday, March 26, 2012

40 days Infrared and Cryptolepis Sanguinolenta

after 40 days on tetracycline it felt as if most remaining infections cleared however some spots which have always been a problem had remained so i bought an infrared heat lamp and cryptolepis. The herb arrived 1 week after i had finished the antibiotics. The cryptolepis has relieved those stubborn spots...just when i was starting to think i just may not live a long life...the muscle spasms had stopped about 80% with the with the cryptolepis i feel more improvement and less and less frequent spasms.. I have also mixed cayanne, diatomateous Earth, sea salt and turmeric into a spice bottle and eat it daily. I ran out of oil of oregano a few days ago but will buy fresh oregano soon. I made my own oil and enjoy eating it fresh as well. The heat lamp does make things scurry about when the heat is intense on your skin..careful not to burn yourself or anyone or anything else with an infrared lamp..i definately dont recommend them for animals or reptiles eventhough they are sold in pet stores. I got mine at home depot for $10..the light helps with headaches, joint pain and arthritis.. borrelia dont like heat. Also still taking vitamin c with rose hips, MSM, royal jelly, probiotics and resveratrol with grapeseed as well as the turmeric/sea salt/diatomateous/cayenne mixture. I ran out of pau darco and olive leaf extract about a month ago. I pretty much only took oil of oregano and the turmeric/sea salt/diatomateous/cayenne mixture every other day or so while on tetracycline. I tried to take vitamin c when i could remember but timing vitamins with antibiotics is tough..i also would wait 4hrs after taking antibiotics b4 taking a probiotic pill once or twice a week towards the end of the 40days. Been back on 1 tsp baking soda/maple syrup mixture once a day for last few days. I think thats all of the update.

i am also looking into an herb called sida acuta.. apparently its a common weed