Thursday, April 28, 2011


IM TAKING CEPHALEXIN now and it is actually helping clear up the last of the irritating bumps on my scalp..we shall see for how long :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Morgellons Relief

(Depending on what stage youre in, you may also need the scabies medication stromectol & Permethrin5% (antibiotics/anti-fungals will also be needed)per your Doctors Rx)Also get checked for Lyme disease and get a parasite zapper.

Reading thru my older posts is always an experience, im just glad that I kept a journal/blog and that I'm feeling somewhat normal again (comfortable and not foggy brained or speeded up). Ever since pulling hair/fibers out by the root in 3 areas on top of my headaches have gone (had a big one (headache)the day of and day after i plucked) as has most activity. Now that my hair is growing back I feel I may have to pluck again (i feel some slight wiggles). I think the peroxide may not be a good idea (so i stopped) but i could just be nervous about it, although i have noticed that im not seeing colorful fibers the past 5 days or so. When it comes to most things which help (olive leaf extract, msm and zappers) usually increase symptoms slightly before relieving symptoms..thats important to remember. Please read much of this blog for more helpul hints. I know Ive been doin the right things because I feel awesome now in comparison to how i felt when this crap was commondeering me body. However, I still feel as if I have not eliminated the core of this invasion. And reinfection is a threat 24/7. Oy vey, between this, another Holocaust in the works and the constant danger I am in, I really respect myself for keepin it together. I am an incredible warrior on all fronts and I am battling this thing to the death..and I am referring to eliminating this disease as well as the powers that be! Amen

I am not a doctor but I am a Shaman :)
I am offering free consultations via email.
Many Blessings! STAY STRONG!!! Its a daily battle until we receive the cure.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

discontinued peroxide & vitamin E

not sure if its makin things wiggle up there after over a month of not really much activity and my hair is red now lol but still takin colloidal silver daily

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I wonder who is behind these videos

..the peroxide seemed to help at first but then things quickly got worse so i stopped