Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Antibiotics update

Im starting to think that I have yet to take antibiotics for long enough and thats why my symptoms return when i stop so this time Im gonna take them for no less than three months consecutively. I am only taking tetracycline right now but feel i should have taken the bactrim/tetra combo for more than seven days because it really seemed to work. I will probably get more. It really does seem like my symptoms are dying off a little more everyday. I think I've been taking this course for 6 weeks maybe longer..the longest I took antibiotics before this was 40 days in a row. I'm also taking GSE (grapefruit seed extract)once or twice a week and bay leaf/oregano drink every so often to try and break up biofilm. My infrared light is used a little here and there as well. I did take colloidal silver a few times but mainly during my 3 day break from the antibiotics a couple weeks ago. I had some colloidal silver today but Im tryng not to take anything more than the tetracycline. Its hard to stay away from dairy products(especially yogart with needed probiotics)which are antibiotic blockers and I do drink a glass of wine or two once or twice a week. Im also still thinkin about getting more ampicillin because it seemed to really purge things out of my scalp when i put the antibiotics directly on it..but i dont know if the purge meant it was or was not working since the purge happens without antibiotics thus why i started taking them..hmmmmm..but either way it feels good when this crap comes out. Ampicillin makes you smell funny though..just so you know.