Thursday, August 30, 2012

Morgellons/ Lyme relief

ASIDE FROM THE BAKING SODA which helps alot!!! Here are the other things I found most helpful during the last two years.. I just got the astragalus and grapefruit seed extract and the remaining lump on my hand finally went away. Im not sure about the dry oxy, its very subtle but does seem to have an effect on the critters. The BAY LEAVES do seem to break up biofilm and free stuff that was stuck.I know the antibiotics helped tremendously but I do still need more.. maybe in a few weeks or so. Because I am still having issues with my scalp and rarely muscle spasms but these things I use control whatever is goin on inside of me enough so that I can live like a normal person again for the most part. However the constant knowing that something lives inside you does not cease nor does the desire to GET IT OUT! PLEASE! I hope that in the next few years there will be more answers and real treatment..until then..try the things I reccommend..and read these past pages too & happy healing:) --- --- ---- ---- I AM NOT A DOCTOR..DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH..TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Winning the war!

So I actually met Dr. Staninger this past Monday and it was truly an honor. I bought some dry oxy pills and she gave me some dry oxy granuales for the bath and a recipe for a detoxifying bay leaf drink. Take 8 bay leaves and put them in 4 quarts of water..bring to a boil..remove from burner and let steep 15 minutes..then refrigerate. Detoxes central nervous system and lymphatic system. She said that the bay leaves breaks up the glue (biofilm?) better than anything else. She also said that they will offer an infrared pad for $100 soon :) I have an infrared lamp which i use a couple times a week at home. I am gonna go back to Dr. Staninger for another fir infrared treatment one of these days but as of today I am almost symptom free. I had finally run out of olive leaf, cryptolepis, wormwood and black walnut, so all I had for a week was colloidal silver, baking soda and oregano leaf (oil of oregano)and resveratrol w/grapeseed(or red wine). Then I ran out of oregano leaf and went and bought wormwood combination pills which have wormwood, black walnut, cloves, male fern root and Quassia. A few days later I bought the dry oxy. So far so good. The dry oxy pills are very subtle but seem to be doing something, it feels as if they are decreasing my symptoms. I dont have many muscle spasms anymore but when I did yesterday I could tell the dry oxy was having a positive effect on the spasms because they were weaker spasms than they have been for weeks. I think the dry oxy is having an effect on the shooting pains I was having on my scalp, fingers and toes every so often. I was having to eat baking soda every couple days to control it but have not had baking soda since Sunday and have not felt the need for baking soda. Today is wednesday. I feel sooooooooo much better than I did. So obviously everything I've been doing has been working. Now that I have Dr. Staninger near by I have more hope (FAITH) that this(invasion/disease) too shall pass. Amen! :) And so now Im only taking the dry oxy and wormwood. Ive had little colloidal silver since getting the dry oxy and am still thinking about whether or not I really want to take it right now.