Friday, August 27, 2010

Ran out of silver for 2days

oy evay 1st of all my head has been sore since zapping with really good batteries..1st lots of movement under my scalp while zapping..then suddenly an active spot will get itchy then sore then activity decreases significantly or stops all together. Im gonna post a pic i drew of what this thing feels like in me head. I notice the activity has movement patterns..communication?? Anyway got more silver & more 9volt batteries & feelin better again..pops, activity & pain started on day 2 of no obviously i cant take breaks from treatment til i feel no activity for 2wks or so...but places which were sore b4 r dead or vegetables! & tryin 2 explain symptoms 2folks stinks "theres biting, stings & many things happen..u feel like tings or shocks in ur fingertips & sometimes when u put your hands in your hair." people just dont hear me. They dont try to put themselves n me shoes & they rarely ask how im sick..homeless again! with 2dogs & a cat & therefore unemployed..But im still smilin :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

UPDATE (me & pets)

just came across another product.. however, like All Stop I have yet to try it.
There is so much to write I will have to do that when I have more far the pulsating is 90% gone..I can still feel some slight activity when I take the colloidal silver and olive leaf extract..also when I zap which I did not do sunday or today yet..I did however start taking the bentonite again and I had to bleach my feet again because I have yet to clean my shoes well enough ..i did microwave a pair of chucks but not all shoes can be nuked..hmmm..color safe bleach is next I anyway I feel sooooooooooo much better and almost back to normal. I plan to continue treatment for prob 2-4 weeks after I stop feeling anything and then every Sunday will be Olive Leaf & Silver Sunday & then every three months I will do treatment for two weeks until there is a definate cure. I hope this helps many more people.

oh yeah and I am still getting some lite tings in my hands and feet but I think its the critters short circuiting or sharp fibers comin out..the popping sounds you hear in this stage are just that..the popping sounds which are slightly different, that you hear during an earlier stage are bugs hatching..or at leaste know they are coming..I am going to write a book soon to help others understand whats happening although I'm still wondering myself...what the hell is going on in there?????

been giving the dogs and cat silver for the last 10 days..b4 that bentonite and apple cider Silver and Olive Leaf and a good zapping here and there for 5-11 minutes..they are much more calm now and alot less wiggly and itchy. I can tell that they are doing better :) YAY The same thing happens to them when they take meds/treatment..I can tell that they feel activity cause they start scratchin and rubbin their backs on the floor..thing is we are all itchy in the same spots on our heads..oh and now I can spot others who have it and dont even know yet..this is getting out of control!!!
Screw the medical community! by the time they decided they want to help us, I'm sure we wont whatever it is they want to give us..GO NATURAL!!!! although the stromectol did help tons..not sure if the Diflucan did though but It probably did..esp if aspergillus is part of this invasion..Aspergillus is a bitch to kill!
zapping us all later & 2moro..

today is Sunday August 22nd
feelin terrific like soon i will be 100% symptom morgellons free. I forget about it most of the time because i feel over 90% normal again now which is awesome:)
PLEASE direct others to this blog

Thursday, August 12, 2010

HELP Spread the Word! print this flyer & pass it out

The enemy is within…2012 Truth!
Its time to wake up my friends. The end of the world is upon us and the means at which our enemies have chosen to fight us are beyond sinister. The truth is horrid real life science fiction. Prepare yourself for the truth, knowing it is going to disturb and anger you to your very core. But know that there is hope. Always have faith in your soul and in our Creator’s soul. The truth will set you free if you do not act ignorantly. We must all be vigilant and pro-active. We must be open minded and we must help one another. The time has come for God’s Angels to step in and open humanities eyes. It’s time to heal the Earth (Gaea) and all life upon her.
It’s time to stop being controlled. There are so many aspects of control being exercised in all directions. Radio and television waves, cell phone signals etc.. etc.. but the most disturbing free will violation is the take over from within our own bodies. As unbelievable as it may seem, there is a massive take over of humanity happening as we speak but only a few of us can see it. Only few of us even believe it.
A wire web of Bio~nano-technology eating away at us from the inside out, using our organic computers (brains) to manipulate our feelings, responses and behaviors, creating pain & illness and death unnecessarily. Where and how are people being infected? Vaccines, chemtrail spraying, genetically modified foods and most likely our water supply. ALL LIFE UPON THIS EARTH IS INFECTED!!!!!!!
It is often diagnosed as scabies or delusional parasitosis but its not, Its MORGELLONS! It’s on the rise & It is very, very real! Please go to….

Making colloidal silver is & learn stuff!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Too soon to tell?

Got some more Silver today also got Olive Leaf as well.(no bentonite yesterday or today) The pulsating is almost head feels minty cool..there is still slight pain & wiggles here & there (actually theres lots of wiggly activity soon after taking the silver & olive then dies down tons) but the zapper, silver & olive leaf combo seems to piss off and weaken whatever is webbed all over my head...been zappin 30 minutes..doesnt begin workin for 11 min although only 7 min are said to be needed per Dr. Clarks method..I'm exhausted..annoyed with my head and not being able to just pull this stuff out but SOOO glad theres no bugs at the moment..(morgellons bugs are contagious!!).OI EVAY! This has been horrible & being alone with no ones help..I'm just glad I'm as strong and ancient of a soul as I am..AND Im glad i now know how to help future sufferers :)


Monday, August 9, 2010

Zapper news

Zapper definately weakened the pulsating. Thinking I need more power! I got the smallest cheapest zapper to try and now I'm ready to graduate. I'm hoping that the Diflucan killed any and all fungus and am waiting to see how I feel. I didnt zap much yesterday because I had taken the Diflucan. I also made sure not to drink any alcohol. I did however have a swig of apple cider vinegar.
Just glad I figured out how to kill/control symptoms because that shite really bites! But I heard that the cycle maybe quarterly (every 3 months) but that was from someone who had not figured out how to stop symptoms. Oh yeah and I ran out of silver days ago..only had a little one day this week. Gonna get some more soon but gonna be careful about over-doing it..don't wanna turn blue :) lol

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Zapper seems to be working

I started with 7 minutes then 15 minutes then another 7 minutes.. I fell asleep twice for an hour and was awakened by what seemed to be final activity/movement in my head. Today, the next day I have zapped aprox 30 minutes total and feel much better however only time will tell..the spots that are active and there are about 7 or 8 minimum on my head..are less active and the pulsating is much weaker..concerned more collembola may have hatched but ready with the zapper and bleach if necessary :)finally feeling some energy and getting back to sanity however this will be an on going battle since re-infection is inevitable until we stop Morgellons for good!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Moregellons Videos

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Morgellons Story

In February of 2010 I began to feel bugs crawling on my scalp. I actually scratched out a white bug but thought maybe I had gotten lice from a boy I had been hangin out with. I told him that I thought he had bugs because he had the biggest flakes of dandruff I'd ever seen. Then one day while saying to him, i really think you have bugs..a tree bug crawled out of his hair. Ewww! I get chills just thinkin bout it..anyway I tried every Lice product on the shelves about 13 treatments total and only got temporary relief. Finally on June 10th 2010 I shaved off my long 13yr old dred locks in hopes of solving the problem. I was shocked and hysterical to to discover the feeling of wiggly movement in the same spots I'd been feeling it for months.

I started to think I had scabies. I told the docs I felt worms under my scalp. They pretty much just blew me off..a few called me crazy in not so many words. I have seen 8 doctors so far and none of them really helped me. The scabies meds (permithrin cream) only helped kill lots of the parasites on my body but did nothing for the bugs on my scalp or the fiber-optic wires comin out of my head. I have relaxed my hair with little result..finally I started putting bleach on my works but I realized I should dilute the bleach..duh..I'd leave it on for about 10min..u have to do it every few days when you start feeling activity again because those little bastard collembola hide under your skin and you gotta get them when they are out on your scalp..feet is different you can bleach your feet anytime. I went to an urgent care and was given 2 stromectol pills. 1 for me and 1 for my man. My boyfriend refused to take his so two days after taking mine I took his because although the 1st pill helped & killed collembola within me it did not kill the bugs burrowed in my scalp. You see at this point the invasion was so bad I could feel and see them moving under the skin on my forehead. Talk about a horror flick! I am a girl who is not crazy about bugs. I was loosing my mind and so upset with the medical community.

I finally decided I had to figure out how to cure myself and my animals. I knew bleach worked but also knew drinking it would be fatal so I needed to come up with an internal bleach. Thats where the apple cider vinegar, turmeric, cayenne, bentonite, colloidal Silver, garlic and finally the volt therapy came into the picture. Someone gave me a diflucan so after I zap myself with the parasite zapper I will probably take that anti-fungal pill. I still cant believe that not one test has yet to be done on me for anything. Not for worms, lyme disease, cancer nothing. The last time I went to County Hospital I had evidence of worm holes on the bottom of my feet and my legs, feet and stomach had swollen like ballons. The doctor actually asked me if I used a pen to make the marks on my foot and I guess I must of eaten lots of beans too..urgh..I told one of the docs I hoped he never got what I got but then realized I actually do hope they all get it..maybe then they will take this invasion more seriously and figure out what to do about it.

I am currently doing much better. I dont feel really contagious and I stopped the bugs from biting crawling and stinging me for now. I'm just waiting for my zapper to arrive. My 2 dogs and cat are also doing much better..we are all still on bentonite and Silver. They are much more calm and less itchy and wiggly :) Oh yeah and on top of all of this I found bed bugs in my apartment so two weeks ago I moved out and stayed in my car with 2dogs and a cat for almost two weeks before my boyfriend finally got me to stay with him. I honestly think I have had Morgellons for years. I remember finding unnaturally red "hair" back in 06' or 07' the thick black "hair" fibers I began finding within the last year or two. I have lots of specimens as you may imagine..I even did the whole matchbook thing during my 1st visit to County Hospital not knowing that bringing in evidence was a bad thing..not that I would have cared, I'm sure I would have brought it either way. The good news is I think I'm finally going to go to medical school. Good open minded doctors are needed bad. Many people joke about me being a doctor. I even say often that I should have been a doctor. Maybe this is what I needed to push me toward medical school and to get me to do some volt therapy. Everything happens for a reason :) and when bad things happen to me its always for the greater good so acuna matada.

Monday, August 2, 2010

having symptoms is a good sign

I read that having symptoms means rejection of the invasion by the body. I just bought Dr. HULDA CLARKS parasite zapper. Will let all know how it works

So where does Morgellons come from?? PLEASE READ & WATCH VIDEOS BELOW

Nano-technology Pathogen Released into our Environment

Is Morgellons, a nano-technology machine, released into our environment deliberately or by accident? If by accident, then our government leaders and scientists have let us down by not having sufficient safeguards in place to protect the human race.

On the other hand, if Morgellons was released deliberately, then what is the ultimate purpose? Preliminary research indicates that Morgellons is a nano-machine, capable of creating hideous new life forms based upon the DNA it comes in contact with. These creatures create incredible pain and suffering in it's victims; symptoms include chronic fatigue, 'brain fog', intense pain deep within the body's joints and bones, depression, surface lesions with multi colored fibers growing out of them and a complete compromise of the body's immune system, allowing various infections to reek havoc upon the victim.

But what is the ultimate purpose of Morgellons? These self-replicating devices have abilities not yet known by scientists. One thing is for sure; it took BILLIONS of dollars to create this invader and that means a very large defense contractor must have been involved, but to what end?

Evidence shows that there is a viral nano video camera imbedded in some of the blue fibers growing out of the lesions of victims. But to whom are images transmitted to and why? Who is in control of these machines? Is the purpose to control people, monitor them or 'see' what they see?

These nano-machines are in the air we breathe and therefore in the water and food supply across the earth. That means that everyone is exposed and possibly infected. It appears that Morgellons is highly contagious as well.

So where do we go from here? Are we to continue to wait while the CDC 'gets it's act together 'and finally begins it's investigations? How long will that take? How many people are currently symptomatic and how long does it take , once exposed to Morgellons, to become symptomatic? The questions are endless. To date, there has not been an effective treatment found for Morgellons. Victims are self-treating with pesticides, de-wormers, antibiotics, creams, lotions, nutritional supplements and the list is endless. There may be some temporary relief, but nothing seems to effectively treat Morgellons.

The traditional medical community is following the exact path it did when AIDS/HIV and Lyme disease first showed up: they accuse the victims of being delusional and prescribe anti-depressants and anti-psychotics because they are unwilling to conduct proper examinations, primarily because the combined symptoms are "not in the book".

So the Morgellons sufferers become the victims of the medical community, often ridiculed and denied any meaningful support whatsoever. Their wallets are emptied, their families often abandoned them, they loose their jobs, their homes, their cars and their support systems. That is enough to make anyone appear to be delusional.

Apparently the only means of support remaining for Morgellons victims is the Internet; message boards abound with theories, treatment protocols and such, offering some understanding and support from fellow sufferers. Many believe they can mitigate their symptoms by reducing their intake of carbohydrates, taking nutritional supplements and generally boosting their immune system so their body can fight off this foreign invader. The problem is that the invader is so small, the immune system may not be able to 'notice' the invader and kick into defend mode to fight off Morgellons. Victims seldom have fevers and other than suicide, there has not yet be any reported deaths attributed to Morgellons.

What will it take for humanity to turn our attention to this emerging pandemic? Perhaps very famous people, such as athletes, politicians, celebrities and government officials will have to become infected before we truly put the resources necessary to discover exactly what Morgellons disease is and how to effectively treat it. In the mean time, individuals, children and entire families will continue to suffer until an effective treatment protocol is found.

Ultimately, there will be some very interesting explanations from whomever is responsible for the release of Morgellons into our environment. Perhaps, there may even be consequences to the people and organizations who released Morgellons, either accidentally or deliberately.
© Copyright 2005 Dr. Joseph Mercola. All Rights Reserved

Microscopic video of chemtrail crap