Tuesday, August 17, 2010

UPDATE (me & pets)

just came across another product.. Morgone.com however, like All Stop I have yet to try it.
There is so much to write I will have to do that when I have more time..so far the pulsating is 90% gone..I can still feel some slight activity when I take the colloidal silver and olive leaf extract..also when I zap which I did not do sunday or today yet..I did however start taking the bentonite again and I had to bleach my feet again because I have yet to clean my shoes well enough ..i did microwave a pair of chucks but not all shoes can be nuked..hmmm..color safe bleach is next I guess..so anyway I feel sooooooooooo much better and almost back to normal. I plan to continue treatment for prob 2-4 weeks after I stop feeling anything and then every Sunday will be Olive Leaf & Silver Sunday & then every three months I will do treatment for two weeks until there is a definate cure. I hope this helps many more people.

oh yeah and I am still getting some lite tings in my hands and feet but I think its the critters short circuiting or sharp fibers comin out..the popping sounds you hear in this stage are just that..the popping sounds which are slightly different, that you hear during an earlier stage are bugs hatching..or at leaste know they are coming..I am going to write a book soon to help others understand whats happening although I'm still wondering myself...what the hell is going on in there?????

been giving the dogs and cat silver for the last 10 days..b4 that bentonite and apple cider vinegar..now Silver and Olive Leaf and a good zapping here and there for 5-11 minutes..they are much more calm now and alot less wiggly and itchy. I can tell that they are doing better :) YAY The same thing happens to them when they take meds/treatment..I can tell that they feel activity cause they start scratchin and rubbin their backs on the floor..thing is we are all itchy in the same spots on our heads..oh and now I can spot others who have it and dont even know yet..this is getting out of control!!!
Screw the medical community! by the time they decided they want to help us, I'm sure we wont whatever it is they want to give us..GO NATURAL!!!! although the stromectol did help tons..not sure if the Diflucan did though but It probably did..esp if aspergillus is part of this invasion..Aspergillus is a bitch to kill!
zapping us all later & 2moro..

today is Sunday August 22nd
feelin terrific like soon i will be 100% symptom morgellons free. I forget about it most of the time because i feel over 90% normal again now which is awesome:)
PLEASE direct others to this blog

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