Thursday, August 12, 2010

HELP Spread the Word! print this flyer & pass it out

The enemy is within…2012 Truth!
Its time to wake up my friends. The end of the world is upon us and the means at which our enemies have chosen to fight us are beyond sinister. The truth is horrid real life science fiction. Prepare yourself for the truth, knowing it is going to disturb and anger you to your very core. But know that there is hope. Always have faith in your soul and in our Creator’s soul. The truth will set you free if you do not act ignorantly. We must all be vigilant and pro-active. We must be open minded and we must help one another. The time has come for God’s Angels to step in and open humanities eyes. It’s time to heal the Earth (Gaea) and all life upon her.
It’s time to stop being controlled. There are so many aspects of control being exercised in all directions. Radio and television waves, cell phone signals etc.. etc.. but the most disturbing free will violation is the take over from within our own bodies. As unbelievable as it may seem, there is a massive take over of humanity happening as we speak but only a few of us can see it. Only few of us even believe it.
A wire web of Bio~nano-technology eating away at us from the inside out, using our organic computers (brains) to manipulate our feelings, responses and behaviors, creating pain & illness and death unnecessarily. Where and how are people being infected? Vaccines, chemtrail spraying, genetically modified foods and most likely our water supply. ALL LIFE UPON THIS EARTH IS INFECTED!!!!!!!
It is often diagnosed as scabies or delusional parasitosis but its not, Its MORGELLONS! It’s on the rise & It is very, very real! Please go to….

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