Monday, August 9, 2010

Zapper news

Zapper definately weakened the pulsating. Thinking I need more power! I got the smallest cheapest zapper to try and now I'm ready to graduate. I'm hoping that the Diflucan killed any and all fungus and am waiting to see how I feel. I didnt zap much yesterday because I had taken the Diflucan. I also made sure not to drink any alcohol. I did however have a swig of apple cider vinegar.
Just glad I figured out how to kill/control symptoms because that shite really bites! But I heard that the cycle maybe quarterly (every 3 months) but that was from someone who had not figured out how to stop symptoms. Oh yeah and I ran out of silver days ago..only had a little one day this week. Gonna get some more soon but gonna be careful about over-doing it..don't wanna turn blue :) lol

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