Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Morgellons Story

In February of 2010 I began to feel bugs crawling on my scalp. I actually scratched out a white bug but thought maybe I had gotten lice from a boy I had been hangin out with. I told him that I thought he had bugs because he had the biggest flakes of dandruff I'd ever seen. Then one day while saying to him, i really think you have bugs..a tree bug crawled out of his hair. Ewww! I get chills just thinkin bout it..anyway I tried every Lice product on the shelves about 13 treatments total and only got temporary relief. Finally on June 10th 2010 I shaved off my long 13yr old dred locks in hopes of solving the problem. I was shocked and hysterical to to discover the feeling of wiggly movement in the same spots I'd been feeling it for months.

I started to think I had scabies. I told the docs I felt worms under my scalp. They pretty much just blew me off..a few called me crazy in not so many words. I have seen 8 doctors so far and none of them really helped me. The scabies meds (permithrin cream) only helped kill lots of the parasites on my body but did nothing for the bugs on my scalp or the fiber-optic wires comin out of my head. I have relaxed my hair with little result..finally I started putting bleach on my works but I realized I should dilute the bleach..duh..I'd leave it on for about 10min..u have to do it every few days when you start feeling activity again because those little bastard collembola hide under your skin and you gotta get them when they are out on your scalp..feet is different you can bleach your feet anytime. I went to an urgent care and was given 2 stromectol pills. 1 for me and 1 for my man. My boyfriend refused to take his so two days after taking mine I took his because although the 1st pill helped & killed collembola within me it did not kill the bugs burrowed in my scalp. You see at this point the invasion was so bad I could feel and see them moving under the skin on my forehead. Talk about a horror flick! I am a girl who is not crazy about bugs. I was loosing my mind and so upset with the medical community.

I finally decided I had to figure out how to cure myself and my animals. I knew bleach worked but also knew drinking it would be fatal so I needed to come up with an internal bleach. Thats where the apple cider vinegar, turmeric, cayenne, bentonite, colloidal Silver, garlic and finally the volt therapy came into the picture. Someone gave me a diflucan so after I zap myself with the parasite zapper I will probably take that anti-fungal pill. I still cant believe that not one test has yet to be done on me for anything. Not for worms, lyme disease, cancer nothing. The last time I went to County Hospital I had evidence of worm holes on the bottom of my feet and my legs, feet and stomach had swollen like ballons. The doctor actually asked me if I used a pen to make the marks on my foot and I guess I must of eaten lots of beans too..urgh..I told one of the docs I hoped he never got what I got but then realized I actually do hope they all get it..maybe then they will take this invasion more seriously and figure out what to do about it.

I am currently doing much better. I dont feel really contagious and I stopped the bugs from biting crawling and stinging me for now. I'm just waiting for my zapper to arrive. My 2 dogs and cat are also doing much better..we are all still on bentonite and Silver. They are much more calm and less itchy and wiggly :) Oh yeah and on top of all of this I found bed bugs in my apartment so two weeks ago I moved out and stayed in my car with 2dogs and a cat for almost two weeks before my boyfriend finally got me to stay with him. I honestly think I have had Morgellons for years. I remember finding unnaturally red "hair" back in 06' or 07' the thick black "hair" fibers I began finding within the last year or two. I have lots of specimens as you may imagine..I even did the whole matchbook thing during my 1st visit to County Hospital not knowing that bringing in evidence was a bad thing..not that I would have cared, I'm sure I would have brought it either way. The good news is I think I'm finally going to go to medical school. Good open minded doctors are needed bad. Many people joke about me being a doctor. I even say often that I should have been a doctor. Maybe this is what I needed to push me toward medical school and to get me to do some volt therapy. Everything happens for a reason :) and when bad things happen to me its always for the greater good so acuna matada.


  1. Julie_O Sacramento, California September, 2006

    I began the NutraSilver® and noticed an immediate decrease in the stinging, itching and burning sensations on the areas affected and inundated with Morgellon’s lesions. Gradually, the sores began to heal and the outbreaks lessened in intensity. Many of the sores cleared up completely, but not all have resolved yet. An additional benefit of the ingestion of the NutraSilver® was a dramatic decrease in joint inflammation. It appears that NutraSilver® is like a secondary immune system. I also have a lesion in my right nostril that has persisted for months. Topical application of NutraSilver® directly to that lesion knocked it back as well. I now believe the nose lesion is a Morgellon’s manifestation. I am convinced beyond a doubt that the NutraSilver® is helping these various conditions.*

  2. wow i had many of your entries and i can relate to o much you have to say. i to have morellons but only found in april though i have been sick for many years. always thought it was something different. same treatment as you from doctors. everyone thinks you have lost it. thrn slowly unable to work. in pain exhausted and covered with lesions. next stop living in my car with my dog. turned to alternative medicine (many of the things you talk about have helped me. i m slowly getting back on my feet. i am scarred inside and out and will never forget the many lessons i have learned and am learning. i will never look at the world and not see what i could not before. it was hard earned but thank god. please be well and keep pounding morgellons with everything you have. it is a beast of a disease and only responds to daily day in and day out assaults. don;t let your guard down down.

  3. just read the comment i many typos. guess i'm tired.

  4. No worries..thanx for posting..its true..we must fight daily but I have tremendous hope that soon we will get to the bottom of it. A new day is dawning..we are fortunate to have found things which work for us and keep symtoms at bay. :)