Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lumbrokinase, Cryptolepis, Doxycycline & Cephalexin

ok i just discovered i can get needed (USP Grade) antibiotics legally online so I bought some doxycycline and cephalexin on ebay (remember i tried cephalexin last October for a couple weeks and it cleared up a lot of infection). I wanted to treat myself naturally but I also don't want to die just yet so a mix of both modern and natural medicine ia a must. My lumbrokinase and more Cryptolepis Sanguinolenta just arrived. I've taken a few lumbrokinase pills so far but am gonna wait for the antibiotics to arrive before taking more. I want to take all 4 things together but may hold off on adding the cryptolepis san because im concerned it may inhibit progress. It is said however that lumbrokinase has a synergistic effect when taken along with antibiotics so im excited. So far i feel that the lumbrokinase is having a positive affect. As is the cryptolepis S. but im concerned that the crypto may just be inhibiting my imumne system. Then again im not feeling at all ill so i dont know. I do know that I feel sooooooo much better than i did last year and still feel like I have eliminated most of the infections. I am hoping to kill whatever remains, in the coming weeks. As always I will keep you updated. Im still taking resveratrol/grapeseed extract daily and MSM, vitamin C, Diatomateous earth, sea salt, cayenne and oregano almost daily. Still drinking Coconut juice every so often as well as grapefruit juice and Royal Jelly. Not taking baking soda this week or while on antibiotics. Need to get more probiotics but have not had any yeast issues eventhough i was on tetracycline for 40 days. Im also thinking about getting more olive leaf extract and maybe some colloidal silver but probably not. I took colloidal silver for a year and Im kinda done with it. I also got some lecithin which helps with brain function..ive only taken a couple so far. oh i found this but not sure i agree with this persons filarial worm philosophy. It is said that 1 dose of ivermectin and something else i cant remember, kills filarial worms but i took two doses of ivermectin one week in 2010 and it didnt really help at all. The only other antibiotic ive been on was Amoxicylin for a dog bite (no tetnus shot was given, go figure) in 2010 just after my symptoms began and it seemed to do nothing for this disease.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Colloidal Silver, Grapefruits, Cryptolepis, Coconuts, Lumbrokinase & DNA-PCR testing

Ive been thinking about colloidal silver lately although i dont think i really need it right im still not sure about it. I took it for a year but only started improving once i stopped taking it and started my own protocol with sodium bicarbonate etc (I did just find a few drops of colloidal silver in a couple bottles i still have so I took it just to see if I notice anything)

however i found this article

which suggests that i may not have been taking enough..i dont know. I read that mycoplasma thrive in heavy metals so thats why i stopped taking colloidal silver.

Been drinking grapefruit juice since i cant afford grapefruit seed extract. Also still drinking coconut juice and pulp. My Lumbrokinase is on its way. And I just finished my 2nd bottle of cryptolepis.

I read that babesia causes the headaches and bartonella the sharp ice pick sensations. The latter is what im thinking still remains in those two main spots although not nearly as much as before.

I am not finding much of the white bacteria anymore or anything else. My scalp is much calmer than its been in a long time and I feel like when I finally do get DNA-PCR tests done, they may not find much :)but thats ok, I have many samples from the past that can also be tested.

I will do an overall protocol update in about a month or two. Until then I will continue to update you as I have been. Happy Healing my friends!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Lyme Petition for Congress

Please Read and sign this petition and pass it on

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Earthworm extract.. Lumbrokinase powder

I think that if there were a dozen different infections within me, Ive killed off at leaste 9 or 10 but i believe some parasites and some bacteria still remain. So Im gonna eat just keeps getting better and better. :)

by the way im very angry that we can spend billions on wars but nothing on medical research
&/or for medical assistance for chronic diseases in people who are poor (ie tests and diagnosis). No one should go thru this especially not in America, that is if you still believe all the bull they told us when we were growing up. This is a disgrace worthy of boycotting taxes and any other forms of money given to the man. Anyone who disagrees has not yet experienced Lyme disease.

Soooo many people have this disease and dont know it yet...the number of cases are growing at an alarming rate. Now some wonder if it can be spread thru sexual activity. There should be easy access Lyme tests just as there are HIV tests. Lyme has been around longer yet with Aids we have gotten much further. Why? RESEARCH! I really feel for people who have MS and Huntingtons disease. Incurable fatal illnesses should be more a priority than oil wars dont ya think?

Everyday I am more and more convinced that Morgellons is mutated Lyme disease yet that doesnt quite explain the sharp hair-like structures with gold tips or the mirad of other unnatural things one finds exiting from the skin like the glitter hexagons etc but I suspect that has much to do with chemtrails and Nasa Nazi's...they are evil geniuses afterall.

There is a conspiracy going on. I dont care what anyone thinks about that statement. The thing is, We dont live in the dark ages which makes the fact that sooo many of us here in 2012 have been to over a dozen doctors each (and to no avail), absolutely ridiculous.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Almost over?

So Im on my 2nd bottle of Cryptolepis Sanguinolenta and I must say YES YES the stuff leaste it works on whatever the antibiotics etc didnt finish off. My muscle spasms have almost stopped entirely..the crunching sound in my neck just keeps slowly getting better and better..meaning less and less..dare I say it..I feel that this all may be over soon

For the past week I have been taking crypto 3x daily (1-3 full droppers) along with fresh Oregano (which seems to be stronger than the pills but i would take both if i had the pills too) the baking soda/maple syrup mix (tsp once a day) turmeric/seasalt/diatomaceous/cayenne mix (less than half a tsp)

as well as the resveratrol/grapeseed, MSM and Vitamin C, Multi Vitamin etc but I will admit I have been slacking on taking pills a bit because i need a break from it

I have used the infrered heat lamp a handfull of times..have not used my zapper for a few weeks.

I still have some stuff comin out of me but not nearly as much and the more that comes out the less I feel swirlin around within me. The last few days i have been sleeping better, singing better and I have been enjoying entire days without being bothered by the constant feeling of muscle spasms, popping and worms under my skin. I still feel stuff goin on in there but barely.

I dont know if i need to worry about reinfection from chemtrails or if I got this from a tick/spider or bed bug bite but I will be pro-active from now on and continue doing these things until we figure out what the hell it is and how to get rid of it once and for all.

Ive also noticed that the fiber-like structures under my skin around my ankles are finally gone and the area is healing..looked like vericose veins..but i dont have those..and those veins dont just go away.

Oh yeah and my hair is growing back nicely :)
Also 250mg Cephalexin and Tetracycline can be bought at aquatic stores but I took the human form so i dont know about the fish form but its worth looking into.

I also realized that i have not seen the clear hairs that move on their own for a while now..maybe 3-4 weeks