Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Colloidal Silver, Grapefruits, Cryptolepis, Coconuts, Lumbrokinase & DNA-PCR testing

Ive been thinking about colloidal silver lately although i dont think i really need it right now..plus im still not sure about it. I took it for a year but only started improving once i stopped taking it and started my own protocol with sodium bicarbonate etc (I did just find a few drops of colloidal silver in a couple bottles i still have so I took it just to see if I notice anything)

however i found this article


which suggests that i may not have been taking enough..i dont know. I read that mycoplasma thrive in heavy metals so thats why i stopped taking colloidal silver.

Been drinking grapefruit juice since i cant afford grapefruit seed extract. Also still drinking coconut juice and pulp. My Lumbrokinase is on its way. And I just finished my 2nd bottle of cryptolepis.

I read that babesia causes the headaches and bartonella the sharp ice pick sensations. The latter is what im thinking still remains in those two main spots although not nearly as much as before.

I am not finding much of the white bacteria anymore or anything else. My scalp is much calmer than its been in a long time and I feel like when I finally do get DNA-PCR tests done, they may not find much :)but thats ok, I have many samples from the past that can also be tested.

I will do an overall protocol update in about a month or two. Until then I will continue to update you as I have been. Happy Healing my friends!


  1. hi,

    please be careful with drinking grapefruit juice. it contains naringenin which inhibits phase-2 CYP450 liver detox.

    let me know how the cryptolepis is working out; i just ordered some for mycoplasma to use along with IMF#9/MycoPlus Transfer Factor and Neem.


  2. cool yeah i need grapfruit seed extract..but ruby red grapefruit juice is just so darn yummy :) I will keep everyone updated.