Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Antibiotics update

Im starting to think that I have yet to take antibiotics for long enough and thats why my symptoms return when i stop so this time Im gonna take them for no less than three months consecutively. I am only taking tetracycline right now but feel i should have taken the bactrim/tetra combo for more than seven days because it really seemed to work. I will probably get more. It really does seem like my symptoms are dying off a little more everyday. I think I've been taking this course for 6 weeks maybe longer..the longest I took antibiotics before this was 40 days in a row. I'm also taking GSE (grapefruit seed extract)once or twice a week and bay leaf/oregano drink every so often to try and break up biofilm. My infrared light is used a little here and there as well. I did take colloidal silver a few times but mainly during my 3 day break from the antibiotics a couple weeks ago. I had some colloidal silver today but Im tryng not to take anything more than the tetracycline. Its hard to stay away from dairy products(especially yogart with needed probiotics)which are antibiotic blockers and I do drink a glass of wine or two once or twice a week. Im also still thinkin about getting more ampicillin because it seemed to really purge things out of my scalp when i put the antibiotics directly on it..but i dont know if the purge meant it was or was not working since the purge happens without antibiotics thus why i started taking them..hmmmmm..but either way it feels good when this crap comes out. Ampicillin makes you smell funny though..just so you know.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Update & Petition

for a week I took bactrim and tetracycline, The combo semed to work some but i ran out of bactrim and money once again and now feel symptoms in the same spots. Muscle spasms are getting stronger. Im worried about my liver too because my palms are often scaly and peeling. I cant live like this. I need help from a real doctor. I dont know what else to do. This is so frustrating. Granted I'm 10x better than i was 2yrs ago or even last year but for how long without antibiotics? Im also worried about antibiotic resistance and my feelings of hopelessness. I am strong but the swirly feelings under my scalp are driving me bonkers! Please pray for all of us inflicted with this invasion..oh and please sign this petition to Demand Morgellons Research, Treatment & Investigation into the CDC's study. THANK YOU! http://www.causes.com/actions/1709771

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bovine connection - Research Update August 2012


Monday, November 12, 2012

update 11/12/12

so the ampicillin seems to work better or differently than the other antibiotics because I can sit indian style now and my knees arent stiff and no longer hurt (BIG YAY!) also I noticed that the lyme crunch sound lessened a few mothnths ago while taking tetracycline. The crunch sound is less than its ever been and now only in one spot. I still have slight symptoms but I have more energy and I have lost 20 lbs since starting antibiotics earlier this year :) The probiotics also seem to attack infected areas. The knee thing is a big deal. Its been over a year since my knees have been free of stiffness.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


I forgot to mention that I am also drinking the bay leaves drink (3x a week or more)and I added fresh oregano into the drink along with the 500 mg of ampicillin 2x a day..this is the 13th day.

Monday, November 5, 2012

could orphan gene therapy help Morgellons?

could orphan gene therapy help Morgellons? http://www.nature.com/clpt/journal/v92/n2/full/clpt201282a.html

Friday, October 26, 2012


Im taking ampicilin. Started with 2 days of doxycycline. Today is day 5 of the amp but i took a doxy and will take more amp and only amp for the next week. Im have not been having chills or herx much anymore so I don't know how much of an effect these antibiotics are having but it feels like theyre helping. I can honestly say each time i take antibiotics my symptoms improve. I have been having slight muscle spasms in my legs again since starting the antibiotics last week.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

NSAIDS and Ulcers & news on Morgellons from August 2012

so the side effects of non steroidal and anti imflammatory meds can be ulcers so be careful. heres some news on Morgellons from August 2012 http://www.naturalnews.com/036829_Morgellons_Disease_skin_fibers.html

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Morgellons/ Lyme relief

ASIDE FROM THE BAKING SODA which helps alot!!! Here are the other things I found most helpful during the last two years.. I just got the astragalus and grapefruit seed extract and the remaining lump on my hand finally went away. Im not sure about the dry oxy, its very subtle but does seem to have an effect on the critters. The BAY LEAVES do seem to break up biofilm and free stuff that was stuck.I know the antibiotics helped tremendously but I do still need more.. maybe in a few weeks or so. Because I am still having issues with my scalp and rarely muscle spasms but these things I use control whatever is goin on inside of me enough so that I can live like a normal person again for the most part. However the constant knowing that something lives inside you does not cease nor does the desire to GET IT OUT! PLEASE! I hope that in the next few years there will be more answers and real treatment..until then..try the things I reccommend..and read these past pages too & happy healing:) http://morgellonsrelief.blogspot.com/2012/06/ok-so-last-week-i-took-dog-dewormer-and.html --- http://morgellonsrelief.blogspot.com/2012/07/ok-so-i-just-got-back-from-dr.html --- http://morgellonsrelief.blogspot.com/2012/08/winning-war.html ---- http://morgellonsrelief.blogspot.com/2011/09/1-all-natural-morgellons-cure-for.html ---- I AM NOT A DOCTOR..DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH..TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Winning the war!

So I actually met Dr. Staninger this past Monday and it was truly an honor. I bought some dry oxy pills and she gave me some dry oxy granuales for the bath and a recipe for a detoxifying bay leaf drink. Take 8 bay leaves and put them in 4 quarts of water..bring to a boil..remove from burner and let steep 15 minutes..then refrigerate. Detoxes central nervous system and lymphatic system. She said that the bay leaves breaks up the glue (biofilm?) better than anything else. She also said that they will offer an infrared pad for $100 soon :) I have an infrared lamp which i use a couple times a week at home. I am gonna go back to Dr. Staninger for another fir infrared treatment one of these days but as of today I am almost symptom free. I had finally run out of olive leaf, cryptolepis, wormwood and black walnut, so all I had for a week was colloidal silver, baking soda and oregano leaf (oil of oregano)and resveratrol w/grapeseed(or red wine). Then I ran out of oregano leaf and went and bought wormwood combination pills which have wormwood, black walnut, cloves, male fern root and Quassia. A few days later I bought the dry oxy. So far so good. The dry oxy pills are very subtle but seem to be doing something, it feels as if they are decreasing my symptoms. I dont have many muscle spasms anymore but when I did yesterday I could tell the dry oxy was having a positive effect on the spasms because they were weaker spasms than they have been for weeks. I think the dry oxy is having an effect on the shooting pains I was having on my scalp, fingers and toes every so often. I was having to eat baking soda every couple days to control it but have not had baking soda since Sunday and have not felt the need for baking soda. Today is wednesday. I feel sooooooooo much better than I did. So obviously everything I've been doing has been working. Now that I have Dr. Staninger near by I have more hope (FAITH) that this(invasion/disease) too shall pass. Amen! :) And so now Im only taking the dry oxy and wormwood. Ive had little colloidal silver since getting the dry oxy and am still thinking about whether or not I really want to take it right now.

Monday, July 9, 2012

ok so I just got back from Dr. Staningers office. Luckily its close by :)go figure lol. I have yet to meet with the doctor although I think I may of seen the back of her head as she left. I did enjoy my first fir infrared treatment. 1st treatment is free. And the great news is ..i had a lump appear on my hand last week. I actually tried to cut it out of my hand and what I saw was disgusting..it looked like a cyst or eggs..hell maybe it was skin..i dont know but it remained unmoved. It did get a little smaller after i cut it but it totally went away today during treatment. YAY! That damn thing was gonna be hard to explain to folks who dont know im sick. At intergrative health systems (Dr. Staninger's office), they have 4 different machines that they use..1st a sun beam infrared capsule, 4th mps capsule dima, 3rd infrared sauna and the 2nd machine i used was the BodyRex, ive used one before. It shakes/vibrates your whole body. Reminds me of the old 50's exercise machine with the band around the waist. I was very relaxed after treatment. The 2nd machine did make my legs real itchy for the first few minutes..much the same way that the treadmill does and i know its bugs in there cause i could feel them swirling around everytime id injest antibiotics. Oh yeah and I did experience a die off herx reaction. Herx has become rare for me lately. I also found those damn white filiments on my arms when i left treatment. I never find them there..I am pretty sure I will still feel something in my scalp but so far Im at peace. I mixed cryptolepis S, olive leaf extract, and the wormwood/black walnut supreme together in one bottle. The bottle got hot for a few minutes which concerned me but the stuff seems to still work well. I also got liquid Oil of Oregano. I did get that colloidal silver and after a year am back on it. I am not going to take anything until i feel i need to but Staninger doesnt reccomend Colloidal Silver..says it helps with the symptoms but not the core of the problem. I keep forgetting to mention something important..a few months back inbetween taking the antibiotics and while taking lumbrokinase..I heard and felt 3 loud pops on the top left side of my head where lots of activity happens. After the pops i heard a loud long squeal. Soon after that many of those small white things/filiments/worms came out of that area and a large white filiment/worm came out. Ever since that area has been pretty calm. There is still slight activity there and around it but nothing like b4.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Slime Mold - dictyostelium discoideum

finally some answers :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=tfSgHdIMJZk

Thursday, June 7, 2012

gonna get more Colloidal Silver

so Ive decided to try colloidal silver again along with oil of oregano, cryptolepis, walnut/wormwood, MSM, vitamin C, bentonite and the olive leaf extract all together which i have yet to try..cant afford the paw paw as well so that will have to wait. The sharp fireworks are returning now that the antibiotics have stopped. Although it may just be a reaction to the diatomateous Earth..i dont know. I gotta wonder if colloidal silver is a heavy metal because mycoplasma thrive in heavy metals and thats counter-productive..oh well we shall see :) i found this article http://www.silvermedicine.org/silver-heavy-metal.html

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dewormer, wormwood, paw paw & a brief overview of my overall treatment

ok so last week i took dog dewormer and it made me go pooh a lot but it didnt stop the parasites in me scalp. I can feel things moving in my legs and still having constant muscle spasms. I just finished 3weeks of the antibiotics cephalexin and doxycycline. I didnt have much herxe reaction but i did have a little, slight chills etc. Now Im taking walnut/wormwood as well as the cryptolepis and olive leaf extract. Its helping to subdue my scalp and muscle spasms but not ridding my body of this crap. Next i will try paw paw. I found a doctor id love to be a patient of..he knows his sh*t when it comes to lyme. I am going to figure out how to make him my doctor. I am also going to have the nimatode looking things in the pic below anaylized.******************************************************************************************************************** Reading the morg posts and having first hand experience, i realize that the appearence of black specs is the initial stage. I have been thru several stages and now I only have a few symptoms remaining..heres what ive done the past two years... bitten on my back... by a tick??? sometime between September-December 2008 while camping (thought it was a spider bite but the bump lasted for months then BOOM Lyme/Morgellons symptoms)...although looking back the morgellons symptoms were around as far back as 2005 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2010 *February - noticable symptoms begin *May - 13 RID treatments *June - shaved my head *June - colloidal silver/ permethrin cream 5% *June - Amoxicylin (10 days) *August - Stromectol x2 plus bentonite, parasite zapper, Turmeric, cayenne, garlic, apple cider vinegar and bleach on feet and scalp ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2011 *April - Cephalexin (10 days) *stopped taking colloidal silver in June/July *started taking BAKING SODA binded to MAPLE SYRUP, MSM, OIL of OREGANO, Diatomaceous Earth w/Boron, Vitamin C, Olive Leaf Extract, Royal Jelly, coconut juice(water/oil), & a parasite zapper)Red Wine (resveratrol & Flavanoids), Lysine, probiotics ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2012 *March - Cryptolepis *March - Tetracycline 500mg 3x daily(40 days) *April/May - Lumbrokinase *May - Cephalexin & Doxycycline (3 weeks) *May - Evict DS Dog Dewormer *June - Black Walnut/ Wormwood olive leaf extract, oil of oregano, vitamin C with rose hips, MSM, multi-vitamin,Diatomateous Earth, turmeric, cayenne, sea salt, Royal Jelly, Baking soda mixture, resveratrol with grapeseed, grapefruit juice, probiotics 18, inferred heat lamp ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ and just today i read this on http://www.morgellonscure.com/ but i do not recommend Michaels protocol. "Two anti-parasitic drugs which were recommended by a doctor. My mother got some relief from Morgellons after a doctor prescribed these medications to her. 300 mg Clindamyacin - He told her that if it didn't completely cure it to use the Mebendazole medication on this list. She took six 300 mg pills per day of the Clindamyacin for two weeks and was cured. My mother weighs 137lbs (dosage reference) She used this and said that the stuff was literally falling off of her body! You can purchase it at the link below. http://www.allpharmacymedicines.com/antibiotics-list2.htm#Clindamycin 100 mg Mebendazole - This is a stronger anti-parasitic drug which she never tried. You can purchase it from the link below. http://www.medstoreinternational.com/buy-Vermox.php"

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

a microbiologist responds to my photo

ok so a microbiologist just looked at a photo I sent and told me that these hard white things which have been coming out of me for almost two years look like nematodes. I knew that they were probably part of the problem but didnt realize that these things where nems. Now I gotta focus on elimination. Im excited to have another avenue to pursue on the quest back to complete health. I did take Ivermectin twice with not much result but thats the only nematodesq drug ive taken and i dont think thats the right one. :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cephalexin and Doxycycline and natural enemies

well Im almost finished with this round of antibiotics and I know that once I stop the popping pains will return. Im not looking forward to that :( I wish this would just kill me but instead I will just suffer for a long period of time. Its no wonder people are killing themselves but I'm too vain (luckily lol) and Im too much of a fighter although the thought does cross my mind from time to time. Guess its nice to know that there is a way out. I feel that there will soon be great progress in the battle against this man made nightmare. I have faith. But I am literally sick and tired and sad. I think about the animals and the children and the fact that I will probably never have children for so many reasons now. Im sad for the Earth. Maybe this is why in the bible it speaks of a new heaven (solar system) and a new Earth (new planet). Im not very religious but I am very connected to spirit and if I awake with the notion that this disease has living enemies then the more than likely fact is that this disease has natural preditors which would not be harmful to the human body (hopefully).

Very informative new Morgellons info (Bacillus)

http://youtu.be/K0GkEj1onO8 This can be discouraging info especially if true but I awoke this morning realizing that there must be something out there that eats Bacillus. So don't loose hope.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The CDC's Morgellons report is totally BOGUS!

There are sooo many things wrong with the CDC's report. Aside from the fact that its not a complete report, they do little more than blame morgies for their symptoms by implying that we are drug addicts and/or mentally ill. They also say (that the materials [i.e., Morgellons fibers] were largely composed of protein (83%), likely superficial skin or cellulose consistent with cotton fibers (43%). However they dont identify what kind of protein it is, which is essential in curing disease. It looks like a real report on the surface but when you look in depth at it, the CDC report is nothing more than a mere mockery of Morgellons victims. Its truly disgraceful. http://youtu.be/jt0pOVWJM4k from www.youtube.com/morgellons

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lumbrokinase, Cryptolepis, Doxycycline & Cephalexin

ok i just discovered i can get needed (USP Grade) antibiotics legally online so I bought some doxycycline and cephalexin on ebay (remember i tried cephalexin last October for a couple weeks and it cleared up a lot of infection). I wanted to treat myself naturally but I also don't want to die just yet so a mix of both modern and natural medicine ia a must. My lumbrokinase and more Cryptolepis Sanguinolenta just arrived. I've taken a few lumbrokinase pills so far but am gonna wait for the antibiotics to arrive before taking more. I want to take all 4 things together but may hold off on adding the cryptolepis san because im concerned it may inhibit progress. It is said however that lumbrokinase has a synergistic effect when taken along with antibiotics so im excited. So far i feel that the lumbrokinase is having a positive affect. As is the cryptolepis S. but im concerned that the crypto may just be inhibiting my imumne system. Then again im not feeling at all ill so i dont know. I do know that I feel sooooooo much better than i did last year and still feel like I have eliminated most of the infections. I am hoping to kill whatever remains, in the coming weeks. As always I will keep you updated. Im still taking resveratrol/grapeseed extract daily and MSM, vitamin C, Diatomateous earth, sea salt, cayenne and oregano almost daily. Still drinking Coconut juice every so often as well as grapefruit juice and Royal Jelly. Not taking baking soda this week or while on antibiotics. Need to get more probiotics but have not had any yeast issues eventhough i was on tetracycline for 40 days. Im also thinking about getting more olive leaf extract and maybe some colloidal silver but probably not. I took colloidal silver for a year and Im kinda done with it. I also got some lecithin which helps with brain function..ive only taken a couple so far. oh i found this http://morgellonspgpr.wordpress.com/2010/02/26/i-know-how-morgellons-can-be-identified/ but not sure i agree with this persons filarial worm philosophy. It is said that 1 dose of ivermectin and something else i cant remember, kills filarial worms but i took two doses of ivermectin one week in 2010 and it didnt really help at all. The only other antibiotic ive been on was Amoxicylin for a dog bite (no tetnus shot was given, go figure) in 2010 just after my symptoms began and it seemed to do nothing for this disease.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Colloidal Silver, Grapefruits, Cryptolepis, Coconuts, Lumbrokinase & DNA-PCR testing

Ive been thinking about colloidal silver lately although i dont think i really need it right now..plus im still not sure about it. I took it for a year but only started improving once i stopped taking it and started my own protocol with sodium bicarbonate etc (I did just find a few drops of colloidal silver in a couple bottles i still have so I took it just to see if I notice anything)

however i found this article


which suggests that i may not have been taking enough..i dont know. I read that mycoplasma thrive in heavy metals so thats why i stopped taking colloidal silver.

Been drinking grapefruit juice since i cant afford grapefruit seed extract. Also still drinking coconut juice and pulp. My Lumbrokinase is on its way. And I just finished my 2nd bottle of cryptolepis.

I read that babesia causes the headaches and bartonella the sharp ice pick sensations. The latter is what im thinking still remains in those two main spots although not nearly as much as before.

I am not finding much of the white bacteria anymore or anything else. My scalp is much calmer than its been in a long time and I feel like when I finally do get DNA-PCR tests done, they may not find much :)but thats ok, I have many samples from the past that can also be tested.

I will do an overall protocol update in about a month or two. Until then I will continue to update you as I have been. Happy Healing my friends!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Lyme Petition for Congress

Please Read and sign this petition and pass it on


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Earthworm extract.. Lumbrokinase powder

I think that if there were a dozen different infections within me, Ive killed off at leaste 9 or 10 but i believe some parasites and some bacteria still remain. So Im gonna eat worms...ewwww.lol..this just keeps getting better and better. :)


by the way im very angry that we can spend billions on wars but nothing on medical research
&/or for medical assistance for chronic diseases in people who are poor (ie tests and diagnosis). No one should go thru this especially not in America, that is if you still believe all the bull they told us when we were growing up. This is a disgrace worthy of boycotting taxes and any other forms of money given to the man. Anyone who disagrees has not yet experienced Lyme disease.

Soooo many people have this disease and dont know it yet...the number of cases are growing at an alarming rate. Now some wonder if it can be spread thru sexual activity. There should be easy access Lyme tests just as there are HIV tests. Lyme has been around longer yet with Aids we have gotten much further. Why? RESEARCH! I really feel for people who have MS and Huntingtons disease. Incurable fatal illnesses should be more a priority than oil wars dont ya think?

Everyday I am more and more convinced that Morgellons is mutated Lyme disease yet that doesnt quite explain the sharp hair-like structures with gold tips or the mirad of other unnatural things one finds exiting from the skin like the glitter hexagons etc but I suspect that has much to do with chemtrails and Nasa Nazi's...they are evil geniuses afterall.

There is a conspiracy going on. I dont care what anyone thinks about that statement. The thing is, We dont live in the dark ages which makes the fact that sooo many of us here in 2012 have been to over a dozen doctors each (and to no avail), absolutely ridiculous.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Almost over?

So Im on my 2nd bottle of Cryptolepis Sanguinolenta and I must say YES YES the stuff works..at leaste it works on whatever the antibiotics etc didnt finish off. My muscle spasms have almost stopped entirely..the crunching sound in my neck just keeps slowly getting better and better..meaning less and less..dare I say it..I feel that this all may be over soon

For the past week I have been taking crypto 3x daily (1-3 full droppers) along with fresh Oregano (which seems to be stronger than the pills but i would take both if i had the pills too) the baking soda/maple syrup mix (tsp once a day) turmeric/seasalt/diatomaceous/cayenne mix (less than half a tsp)

as well as the resveratrol/grapeseed, MSM and Vitamin C, Multi Vitamin etc but I will admit I have been slacking on taking pills a bit because i need a break from it

I have used the infrered heat lamp a handfull of times..have not used my zapper for a few weeks.

I still have some stuff comin out of me but not nearly as much and the more that comes out the less I feel swirlin around within me. The last few days i have been sleeping better, singing better and I have been enjoying entire days without being bothered by the constant feeling of muscle spasms, popping and worms under my skin. I still feel stuff goin on in there but barely.

I dont know if i need to worry about reinfection from chemtrails or if I got this from a tick/spider or bed bug bite but I will be pro-active from now on and continue doing these things until we figure out what the hell it is and how to get rid of it once and for all.

Ive also noticed that the fiber-like structures under my skin around my ankles are finally gone and the area is healing..looked like vericose veins..but i dont have those..and those veins dont just go away.

Oh yeah and my hair is growing back nicely :)
Also 250mg Cephalexin and Tetracycline can be bought at aquatic stores but I took the human form so i dont know about the fish form but its worth looking into.

I also realized that i have not seen the clear hairs that move on their own for a while now..maybe 3-4 weeks

Monday, March 26, 2012

40 days Infrared and Cryptolepis Sanguinolenta

after 40 days on tetracycline it felt as if most remaining infections cleared however some spots which have always been a problem had remained so i bought an infrared heat lamp and cryptolepis. The herb arrived 1 week after i had finished the antibiotics. The cryptolepis has relieved those stubborn spots...just when i was starting to think i just may not live a long life...the muscle spasms had stopped about 80% with the tetracycline..now with the cryptolepis i feel more improvement and less and less frequent spasms.. I have also mixed cayanne, diatomateous Earth, sea salt and turmeric into a spice bottle and eat it daily. I ran out of oil of oregano a few days ago but will buy fresh oregano soon. I made my own oil and enjoy eating it fresh as well. The heat lamp does make things scurry about when the heat is intense on your skin..careful not to burn yourself or anyone or anything else with an infrared lamp..i definately dont recommend them for animals or reptiles eventhough they are sold in pet stores. I got mine at home depot for $10..the light helps with headaches, joint pain and arthritis.. borrelia dont like heat. Also still taking vitamin c with rose hips, MSM, royal jelly, probiotics and resveratrol with grapeseed as well as the turmeric/sea salt/diatomateous/cayenne mixture. I ran out of pau darco and olive leaf extract about a month ago. I pretty much only took oil of oregano and the turmeric/sea salt/diatomateous/cayenne mixture every other day or so while on tetracycline. I tried to take vitamin c when i could remember but timing vitamins with antibiotics is tough..i also would wait 4hrs after taking antibiotics b4 taking a probiotic pill once or twice a week towards the end of the 40days. Been back on 1 tsp baking soda/maple syrup mixture once a day for last few days. I think thats all of the update.


i am also looking into an herb called sida acuta.. apparently its a common weed

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Babesiosis - serious threat to blood supply




research cryptolepis

Thursday, February 16, 2012

tetracycline antibiotics

been on tetracycline for over a week now (500mg every 8hrs)...couldnt get doxycycline.. i have same herx reactions on the tetracycline antibiotics that i get when doing my protocol of natural things but i can tell that the antibiotics are 10x faster and more effective but still a slow process..im still having slight reactions today and i hope everything will be dead by next week or i may have to continue for an extra week or two..i also took oil of oregano on days 4,5,6 & 8. Wish I could get the doxycycline as well..still working on it..sometimes two antibiotics are given at the same time to treat lyme disease.. will keep u informed..im really thinking morgellons and lyme are the same disease just mutated.

ok day 2 i also took garlic, turmeric, oil of oregano, pau D'arco, vitamin C, MSM, salt, probiotics, diatomaceous Earth and resveratrol/grapeseed and coconut..day 10 on i did the same..im 2weeks in today with the tetracycline and my muscles spasms and other symptoms are very very diminished. Im worried that the disease will come back with a vengence but it is nice to be almost symptom free while on antibiotics although I have been feeling the same relief (just on a smaller scale)via my protocol

Monday, February 6, 2012

Oil of Oregano studied at Univ of Arizona


Not really having symptoms but hoping to get some doxycycline anyway. When I do feel symptoms its usually in the same areas and now they are very diluted and continue to gradually get lesser and lesser everyday. hip hip hooray!
Btw, I keep forgetting to tell you all that Ive noticed my symptoms would react to asprin and folic acid as well as nyquil, multi-vitamin pills and wheatgrass..

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

amounts, rose hips and grapeseed

so I put salt back into the protocol and got vitamin c with rose hips and immediately start having herx reactions again although not as bad as before. Last week I heard the popping sounds again from my scalp and then a few days of the white bacteria/parasites coming out of me but they were very small. I think that my financial setback allowed stuff to grow back. Im better now but feeling tired last couple days. I think because of the powerful antioxidants (resveratrol w/grapeseed) I just started taking in pill form. I also got some probiotics in pill form.

Here are the mg's of the pills I take..this is per pill. (ppd = pills per day)

Salt (not sure 1/2 - 1 teaspoon)
Pau D'arco 545mg (1-3 ppd)
Oil of Oregano 150mg (2-6 ppd)
Grape seed extract 100mg (this is in the resveratrol pill..2ppd)
Resveratrol 15mg (also includes grape skin extract 37.5mg, grape extract 12.5mg)

MSM 1000mg (1-2 ppd)
Vitamin C 500mg-1000mg
Folic Acid 800 mcg (1ppd)
Multi-Vitamin (1ppd)
liquid Olive leaf extract (1/2-full dropper ppd)
Boron 3m (not to exceed 20mg per day)
every couple weeks i take Super Lysine 1500mg (also includes Vitamin C, echinacea, licorice, propolis, oderless garlic)
probiotics (any)(1ppd)
Baking soda maple syrup mix (not sure how much, please read my protocol)
Royal Jelly (1/2 - 1 tablespoon a day)
Diatomaceous Earth (no more than a tsp a day actually more like 1/2 teaspoon)
Coconut oil/water (not sure how much but i drink/eat it often)
lots of water
Garlic and Basil
parasite zapper 15-50 minutes

some of the above can be found at the 99 cents only stores

also try asprin, nyquil and wheatgrass

Saturday, January 21, 2012

check out this site i just found

these folks have come to practically the same conclusion i have except they have scientific instruments and i do not .. pretty cool stuff, lots of photos too


and this too


Sunday, January 15, 2012


the Lyme disease crunching sound is almost gone. It has been gradually going away since I started my protocol. As have the muscle spasms in my legs. I have not had spasms in my arms for some time (maybe a month).

You can find my protocol if you scroll down 5 blogs. I did it continuously for a few months b4 I started to really reduce my intake of baking soda. Ive kept this blog in hopes that my trials and tribulations would be of great assistance in the search for a cure..and in the leaste..relief from these terrible diseases.

P.S. I just got more Royal Jelly today..Finally! Its been a while. Been out of Boron for a couple weeks but I have everything else. Will get more Boron very soon.

Wheat Grass & Zythromax

I keep failing to mention that Wheatgrass seems to be beneficial. I am also considering a way to get a z pack of anti-biotics (zythromax)because I feel that maybe just maybe anti-biotics will help kick whatever remains, out of me. Im not in remission but I also am not having many symptoms any longer. :)

actually Doxycycline & cefuroxime are the antibiotics used to treat Lyme

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Update

this is a modified letter i wrote today to a man who has Lyme disease...

well my protocol may not cure us but it allows you to live as if you are cured...i wrote cure to get peoples attention..problem is Ive only been doing it for a few months so i dont know what the outcome will be..and i have had setbacks with money or not having any..made it hard to keep on the medication. If you try my protocol i think you also need to get a hold of some antibiotics as i did (cephalexin)..they will help but not completely. It takes a year of antibiotics to get rid of Lyme disease. I have never been tested for Lyme either. I had all the symptoms though..i def had/have morgellons but..not really having morgellons symptoms anymore. I still have movement under my scalp but its just annoying and kinda infrequent now, not painful or uncomfortable...disturbing but not miserable like i was b4. I pretty much feel back to normal and i still feel as if Im slowly killing whatever is inside me. When my symptoms first began, I was super worried about being around people because i didnt know if it was contagious but my exboyfriend's seem to be fine as does everyone else who has been around me (im the only one I know with Morgellons).. thing is it could take years to surface..but i believe that we are all being poisoned by the so called powers that be. The evidence is in everyone. One man has found morgellons fibers in every person he has tested randomly. I understand much about what im dealing with and still at the same time..not understanding what im dealing with. It sucks and u gotta keep up with the meds and zapping for a while. if not indefinetly. BUT IM HAPPY. I FEEL HEALTHY. I FEEL LIKE THERE IS HOPE.