Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cephalexin and Doxycycline and natural enemies

well Im almost finished with this round of antibiotics and I know that once I stop the popping pains will return. Im not looking forward to that :( I wish this would just kill me but instead I will just suffer for a long period of time. Its no wonder people are killing themselves but I'm too vain (luckily lol) and Im too much of a fighter although the thought does cross my mind from time to time. Guess its nice to know that there is a way out. I feel that there will soon be great progress in the battle against this man made nightmare. I have faith. But I am literally sick and tired and sad. I think about the animals and the children and the fact that I will probably never have children for so many reasons now. Im sad for the Earth. Maybe this is why in the bible it speaks of a new heaven (solar system) and a new Earth (new planet). Im not very religious but I am very connected to spirit and if I awake with the notion that this disease has living enemies then the more than likely fact is that this disease has natural preditors which would not be harmful to the human body (hopefully).

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