Friday, January 31, 2014

2014 update

Happy New Year All! Sorry its been awhile. Googles new all in one bull makes it difficult for me to sign in to this blog.

So anyway Im doing GREAT! No symptoms most of the time however last week I did have a strange thing happen. Felt like my symptoms were going off in a pattern for a couple days and there were bugs crawling on my scalp. I know for sure the latter because I felt something moving in that spot on top of my head that i always complain about. Hadnt felt much for a good while so i put rubbing alcohol, bleach and peroxide on my scalp..then i heard/felt a pop..there was also a bump and then for two days i felt crawling like a spider.. took a bit to get rid of it. Ok then I found SULFUR8 at Sallys Beauty supply and online..its a scalp/hair conditioner and its awesome!! Anyway..that was last week..this week im back to no symptoms really and only taking, noni Garcinia and b17 sometimes.