Thursday, November 29, 2012

Update & Petition

for a week I took bactrim and tetracycline, The combo semed to work some but i ran out of bactrim and money once again and now feel symptoms in the same spots. Muscle spasms are getting stronger. Im worried about my liver too because my palms are often scaly and peeling. I cant live like this. I need help from a real doctor. I dont know what else to do. This is so frustrating. Granted I'm 10x better than i was 2yrs ago or even last year but for how long without antibiotics? Im also worried about antibiotic resistance and my feelings of hopelessness. I am strong but the swirly feelings under my scalp are driving me bonkers! Please pray for all of us inflicted with this invasion..oh and please sign this petition to Demand Morgellons Research, Treatment & Investigation into the CDC's study. THANK YOU!

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  1. It sounds like you are going thru exactly what my nightmare has been. I never heard of this crap before Feb 13, 2011.... I wish it were still that way! It's like waking up in the twilight zone X ground hog day! I never ever dreamed I would ever be so sick with such a weird thing. Real Dr.'s.... I would love to find one too! I did finally go to my regular Dr. WITHOUT my very bizarre "matchbox", and told him something is really going on with me... and pulled out some new cotton, and new rubbing alcohol, and ran it lightly across the side of my neck. I handed him this cheap-o 45 power lighted microscope... and he said "what am I looking for? I see some black fibers and stuff..." trying to be his helpful self, he said he thought it was skin rolling off, with the rubbing alcohol. I told him, we can get ones in red, green, blue... white.... you name it... in no time. Then he said "what have you been eating? You know, cod fish, when they eat certain things, their meat will be green. They mostly just don't have a clue. I did get him to run a lyme disease pack on me... I don't know how complete it was. 1 thing showed up positive, but most of it is negative. I have to get my RN/teacher sister to look it over. Then the Dr's who research this? OMG, Stricter wanted $650. on the day I made the appointment, for a consultation only.... they won't help with billing insurance, and I wouldn't get in for 6 months! I can afford it, but it felt like getting screwed, with not even a kiss! I can't believe the amount of people who are seeming to take advantage of desperate people who only want their lives back! Best of luck to you... and thank Jah for the people who have gone before us... they are so brave, and really, all I feel like we have. A sad situation! Jah Blessings, love and light. >^..^<