Thursday, February 16, 2012

tetracycline antibiotics

been on tetracycline for over a week now (500mg every 8hrs)...couldnt get doxycycline.. i have same herx reactions on the tetracycline antibiotics that i get when doing my protocol of natural things but i can tell that the antibiotics are 10x faster and more effective but still a slow still having slight reactions today and i hope everything will be dead by next week or i may have to continue for an extra week or two..i also took oil of oregano on days 4,5,6 & 8. Wish I could get the doxycycline as well..still working on it..sometimes two antibiotics are given at the same time to treat lyme disease.. will keep u really thinking morgellons and lyme are the same disease just mutated.

ok day 2 i also took garlic, turmeric, oil of oregano, pau D'arco, vitamin C, MSM, salt, probiotics, diatomaceous Earth and resveratrol/grapeseed and 10 on i did the 2weeks in today with the tetracycline and my muscles spasms and other symptoms are very very diminished. Im worried that the disease will come back with a vengence but it is nice to be almost symptom free while on antibiotics although I have been feeling the same relief (just on a smaller scale)via my protocol

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