Thursday, April 12, 2012

Earthworm extract.. Lumbrokinase powder

I think that if there were a dozen different infections within me, Ive killed off at leaste 9 or 10 but i believe some parasites and some bacteria still remain. So Im gonna eat just keeps getting better and better. :)

by the way im very angry that we can spend billions on wars but nothing on medical research
&/or for medical assistance for chronic diseases in people who are poor (ie tests and diagnosis). No one should go thru this especially not in America, that is if you still believe all the bull they told us when we were growing up. This is a disgrace worthy of boycotting taxes and any other forms of money given to the man. Anyone who disagrees has not yet experienced Lyme disease.

Soooo many people have this disease and dont know it yet...the number of cases are growing at an alarming rate. Now some wonder if it can be spread thru sexual activity. There should be easy access Lyme tests just as there are HIV tests. Lyme has been around longer yet with Aids we have gotten much further. Why? RESEARCH! I really feel for people who have MS and Huntingtons disease. Incurable fatal illnesses should be more a priority than oil wars dont ya think?

Everyday I am more and more convinced that Morgellons is mutated Lyme disease yet that doesnt quite explain the sharp hair-like structures with gold tips or the mirad of other unnatural things one finds exiting from the skin like the glitter hexagons etc but I suspect that has much to do with chemtrails and Nasa Nazi's...they are evil geniuses afterall.

There is a conspiracy going on. I dont care what anyone thinks about that statement. The thing is, We dont live in the dark ages which makes the fact that sooo many of us here in 2012 have been to over a dozen doctors each (and to no avail), absolutely ridiculous.

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  1. For the longest time now I've been thinking of enzymes to help and wondering how these powerful enzymes could not reach all of the pathogens. Beyond biofilms I think chitin may be a big part of the puzzle. chitinase would be great but can't find it anywhere. Now I'm trying lufenuron.