Friday, August 27, 2010

Ran out of silver for 2days

oy evay 1st of all my head has been sore since zapping with really good batteries..1st lots of movement under my scalp while zapping..then suddenly an active spot will get itchy then sore then activity decreases significantly or stops all together. Im gonna post a pic i drew of what this thing feels like in me head. I notice the activity has movement patterns..communication?? Anyway got more silver & more 9volt batteries & feelin better again..pops, activity & pain started on day 2 of no obviously i cant take breaks from treatment til i feel no activity for 2wks or so...but places which were sore b4 r dead or vegetables! & tryin 2 explain symptoms 2folks stinks "theres biting, stings & many things happen..u feel like tings or shocks in ur fingertips & sometimes when u put your hands in your hair." people just dont hear me. They dont try to put themselves n me shoes & they rarely ask how im sick..homeless again! with 2dogs & a cat & therefore unemployed..But im still smilin :)

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  1. You can NOT product colloidal silver potent enough to tame Morgellons. The only known effective relief is using NutraSilver. Unlike home made CS which is about 10 ppm, NutraSilver is 3,600 ppm and it is guaranteed to work.