Saturday, August 20, 2011

yesterday i had a milestone moment

the main spot on my scalp got active and then a big OUCH.. Ive noticed that when that pain hits its usually means the end of the road for the crap in that spot because after you have the BIG ouch moment..its all uphill :) you may still feel stuff very near that spot or even in that spot but it wont hurt again once the big ouch occurs (know that small ouch's do occur prior to the final big one)

Also I could see the Morgellons clusters thru my ex boyfriends skin on his thigh. He thought it was veracose veins they do look similar if thats what u want to believe..they are red and blue clusters that look like spirochetes. I can see why it would take so long to eliminate the clusters in vitro from the way the clusters appear. If you think u have this do the baking soda test..veracose veins are impossible to deal with and do not ever just go away unlike the clusters.. i think the ones in our legs can move about a bit because they seemed to come & go or relocate.

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