Monday, August 15, 2011

feeling great!

on Sat I took some colloidal silver in the AM and didnt take any baking soda/ maple syrup/ oil of oregano until about 3pm. My symptoms were going crazy by then & in one of the two main spots i did feel something wiggle and stop and has not started again. Been back on treatment 2x a day and I also took a 1000mg MSM pill today Ran out some time ago)along with 3 oil of Oregano pills. I'm not having much of a reaction anymore...when i do feel a reaction its very subtle and slightly itchy. I barely feel any spasms in my muscles anymore either. Yesterday for the first time in weeks I found about ten overgrown bacteria on my scalp but they looked like babies..maybe 1 adult. I read that the adults might hide in eggs. Also even if i kill all the adults, babies may still form. I was worried that there were still a few parasites because they go silent sometimes and dont move for long periods of time. But today i feel very hopefull again that ive just about completely cleared my system of unwanted invaders.
I was thinking about going back to doing treatment 3x a day but now I do not think i have to..we shall see. Wish I could use my zapper but if I'm preggers thats not good to do.

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