Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ok good news update

i got my zapper back 2day. Yay! But i dont need it right now..i just used it & not really any activity on my scalp at all..actually not much happenin pain or movement wise ever since i plucked crazy cluster fibers from two spots on the top of my head. However i have been finding lots of stringy web like blue, black & white fibers. Another interesting note..seems like oil of oregon does something..makes fibers more active & come out. Also i did not have zapper for nearly a month. Also wasnt speakin 2my boyfriend for over a month..so there was no sex & no zapper..only silver..i tend to think these kind of things are not accidents. :) now i wonder if im actually getting "it" out or if "its" just going into remission til spring ("it" being the Morgellons)..guess we will find out

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