Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oaklahoma State University morgellons research

Check this out ..they understand mgD because many of them have it. I have been havinpain & soreness on me scalp past 3days but control it w/silver & zapper. I gotta get more olive leaf &try oil of oregano. Seems like bentonite made stuff in my scalp really upset (pain & pricks etc)& active but the silver & zapper makes it better but i wish i co uld get some real help im getting really tired of all of this & just want it to stop once & for all! PLEASE! & 4me amiNals too :( :) side note..i read much ado about nano on & feel the prof doesnt understand that this is ancient alien technology so most of what we understand re: science is super primative & therefore the writers conclusions re:nano & morgellons is completey invalid.

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