Tuesday, September 21, 2010


so my head has been killin me last few days. This disease is incredible & exhausting. Now im finding that these pointy white & wispy white "dog hairs" are actually comin out of me. I was runnin low on silver til last night. I need olive leaf & a new zapper bad. Think i fixed my zapper not sure but these thick black & wispy white fibers are jumping with magnetic energy..tried to get some video. Stopped taking oil of oregono..got more silver..concerned i reversed my zapper the other day..maybe why i had a little relapse..thich black fibers feel like hot glass when they come out..silver & zapper is calming symptoms..thank God..this bites! Litterally..this is a long painful process but i have faith i shall overcome this invasion. Every fiber ive ever mentioned has been comin out of me scalp the last week..including fuzzy little balls..my scalp tickles & itches but the soreness of my scalp is finally going away after 3 weeks..thinkin bout takin the last of my antibiotics but prob wont

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