Friday, September 30, 2011

Binding Maple Syrup & Sodium Bicarbonate DOES work!

the other nite Dr Simoncini was on coast to coast am disputing the effectiveness of binding baking soda to maple syrup. I honor his work with Cancer and baking soda but i gotta honestly say he sounded kinda like a bit of a nut on the radio. Not only that but I know that he is wrong about cooking the bs/ms (baking soda/maple syrup). How do I know? Well my body tells me that he is wrong and I wonder just how he came to the conclusion that it lessens the effectiveness of the baking soda. After months of using this treatment i can honestly say that binding the bs/ms together seems to be stronger than just ingesting it alone or with water. My body has a much stronger reaction and in more places.

Anyway, I cant believe that I actually figured out how to kill the crap swirling around under my scalp. I walk around and think wow I almost feel normal again..this is what it feels like not to have Morgellons.. YES! This process is very slow because these things have to come out and God only knows how much there is in there but soooooooooo much of it is gone.. I know I am doing the right things. It sometimes feels like this nightmare is never gonna end especially because you begin to get impatient once you are doing so much better. I barely feel much but its now totally irritating whereas before it was maddening but you dealt with it. I think the biggest problem with curing these diseases is tenacity. We must be as tenacious as the disease. We cannot give up. Stopping too soon leads to failure and a false belief that the "cure" didnt work or only worked temporarily.

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  1. how do i know if my maple syrup binds well with the baking soda? I make my first batch and literally i can feel the coarseness of baking soda on my tongue.Is there anyone that have make a video of the making process....?