Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Doin Awesome! UPDATE

In October just as I was feeling close to being healed I ran out of money and oil of Oregano.. it took 2 weeks for my symptoms to return and two weeks to get them to go away. Now Im feeling normal again with very few symptoms..taking Oil of Oregano, MSM mainly. Baking soda also but not nearly as much as I was. I also take boron and Diatomaceous Earth here and there as well as vitamins, vitamin C, resveratrol, coconut water/oil and oxygenation. Have not had olive leaf extract for over a month..also have not had any Royal Jelly for a few months...can't afford it. OH YEAH and Im not preggers so Ive been using my zapper. I did use Pau Darco when I didnt have much else and it helped. Hope you are well as well. ;)
update; Jan 5th 2012.. got some olive leaf extract & pau d'arco 2 weeks ago. I have slight symptomatic reactions to both but the olive leaf extract seems to be like a sedative to the symptoms while at the same time forces bacteria out...

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