Thursday, May 9, 2013

XRAY & Laetrile Novodalin B17 and my dogs tumors UPDATE

MY DOG showed high protein levels on a blood test. Doc said could be Cancer. I noticed that my dog had been very tired, panting hard and non active. I ordered novodalin b17. Right away I noticed a positive change in her energy and attitude. It's only been 10 days however the bumps under her skin which just kept getting bigger have stopped growing or have gotten smaller. I also gave her Noni and Reishi mushroom powder that 1st week and she got a bad case of diarrhea. After a process of elimination I have concluded that the Noni was the culprit. So I switched out the Noni for me dog and now give her shark cartiladge & turmeric instead. I sprinkled a small amount of The Reishi and turmeric in her bag of dry food and shook it up..that way i dont have to think about it or worry about forgetting. The b17 (1 pill a day thus far, start with 1/2 every 12 hours for first few days) seems to be mild on my dogs tummy but the reishi, turmeric may be a little harsher. Jurys still out on the Shark cartiladge but it is good stuff. I am taking all this stuff as well and I feel the best I have since this all began 3 years ago. I actually feel that someting Im taking now may be killing the last of the something in me which is super resilient. But only time will tell....seems like i got most of those horrible white things out of my scalp..whew! that was maddening, seriously..constant swirly wiggly movement under the skin.. I MEAN MY GOD.. I never thought it would stop. I still have like 5% - 8% activity remaining but I barely notice it..YAY!

I FINALLY GOT AN XRAY AND GUESS WHAT??? .... it was what did I expect? So i get there and of course the lump has moved and is barely visible/feel-able and the doc said well lets wait and see if the lump on your wrist resolves itself.. YEAH RIGHT LOL these docs are a joke..(then again theres only so much they can do at free clinics so I will give them a little slack) even the doggie docs on this planet are a joke.. we are in the twilight zone.

Ok so my best friend (dog) had high protein levels on her blood test but then the doc said she needs more expensive tests. I said I just paid $200 so u can tell me to give u more money b4 you can figure out whats my poor dog has been getting tumors and stiff when walks. She is usually so happy and because she saw this happen to our other dog less than a year ago, she really tries hard to hide her pain. Guess she doesn't want to disappear like the other dog did. Its sad..anyway so I bought the B17 from Novodalin. About 2weeks ago I started giving her 1 pill a day for the 1st 10 days with slight improvement. I recently uped the dose to 1 1/2 per day and finally yesterday 2 a day (1 every 12hrs) and this morning most of the tumors are almost all gone. I noticed that they had stopped growing the first week and a couple got smaller. She has about six visible hard tumors or I should say had. However I don't know why my dogs walking isn't getting too much better..its just been getting worse. Today she seems better. She does have scoliosis but she has had that her whole life. The tumors are/were on her leg and belly. I can tell her tummy is bothering her. Gave her yogart, royal jelly, pepto and asprin this morning (probably also why she seems to feel better aside from the tumors going down). I had put turmeric and Reishi mushroom powder in her food bag but was concerned she was having a bad reaction, so I rinse her nuggets b4 giving them to her and she seems better. I also stopped giving her the shark cartilage because it seemed to coincide with her getting worse once I started giving it to her but I was also giving her the other stuff as well. So I stopped giving her the other supplements. Now im only giving her the B17 with olive oil, rice, spinach, artemis nuggets and sometimes oil of oregano. Ive given her asprin recently (but I don't like giving her asprin so I try not to unless she is just miserable). I am hoping to take her in for xrays soon so I can get a better idea of what to do next.. man I missed my calling lol I really should have gone to medical school. ah C'est la vie!

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