Friday, May 24, 2013


Vermox did help but I still need another dose or two. I have not been taking stuff (supplements) everyday. Havent been having much activity although somethings still in there. Im still taking noni, shark cartillige, Garcinia Cambogia (reishi and turmeric on occasion)and sometimes b17 but not 2x a day or even everyday :) the noni, shark cartilage (and possibly the Garcinia Cambogia) seem to affect whatever is still in me.

I did stop giving my dog b17 and she seems to have perked up. Ive also been giving her pine bark, (turmeric and reishi mushroom powder a couple times a week), glucosamine/chondroitin chewie treats and pepto. I also got her pain meds (Rimadyl) which are helping as well. The vitamin B helped her bloat and panting and she's been walking better and happier but still in pain. Maybe its her joints, bones or arthritis. The tumors are mostly gone so I know the b17 works but not sure she felt so great taking it. She kinda resisted opening her mouth for those pills but willing takes the pain meds. Shes been on rimadyl for a week but I gave her oil of oregano yesterday morning and she practically sprinted home from our walk that nite.

Its so nice to feel so close to normal but I know that the problem persists and could return so Im just taking things day by day...BUT YAY! I really hope that everything ive gone thru helps others deal with this much better and quicker than I had to. Im glad im as strong as I am because im alone in this..well im glad I have you all out there. My friends who know im sick never ask me how im doing..EVER. Its like nobody cares. Makes me so sad when I think about I don't :)

by the way..i know the little white garden looking bug came from my scalp (read vermox blog) because I shake my hair out over a black surface regularly when I feel stuff movin out. I used to use a white piece of paper.. sometimes I still do.

oh also something I take makes my palms really flaky. It may have been the b17 because since I stopped taking have the flakes. Think it means my liver is unhappy with whatever it is I'm taking that makes that happen. It happened lots towards the end of treatment while on antibiotics. Like the last few weeks.

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  1. Take some Milk Thistle it will clean out your liver kidneys and spleen. I just had great success in getting allot of that yellowy white sticky goo to come out of my skin and eyes by using pistachios ( shells and nuts) and pumpkin seeds which I soak in water and use this to clean the goodies out of my eyes (it does not sting your eyes, it is very gentle, I even use it like eye drops) ....Wow I can see again. I added some rubbing alcohol and rinced my ears too. Allot of whitish (dead skin looking) stuff came out of my skin and I feel like my skin can breathe again. Also I have been taking Grape Seed Extract, Pau'de Arco, Pomegranate capsules, Tumeric, and of course my old standby Feverfew Capsules (which will kill any bug or insect on contact, and anything moving on your body and in your tummy....It's very good for you too full if flavonoids and other good things. Also I take MACA which helps with the skin pain and gives you energy and I just added Ashwagandha supplements which gives me energy and helps with the pain.