Friday, May 10, 2013

Vermox update

May 10th 2013
Also the vermox arrived. Took it last nite..too early to tell much..but did have an affect on the remaining symptoms and the spasms in me legs so ya I think those may be worms in there..yuk.. only time will tell but for now I feel like I have accomplished amazing things on my own and my health is best its been in years. The Garcinia Cambogia is working and I'm looking great!

update 5/15/13
vermox seems to help.. but I need more anti-parasitics.. definitely parasites remaining.. now for the parasite fight! a little white bug came out my scalp 2 days later(AFTER VERMOX). I smushed it and saved IT..haven't seen one of those in a couple of years.

the parasites move around lots between 1am and 3 am and during full moons..

watch video Morgellons patient on tv show the dr.s on this blog.

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