Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Antibiotics Antibiotics Antibiotics! :)

ok so I did take ampicillin for about 3 weeks and just when it seemed to be really working I ran out and went back to tetracycline. Now Ive been back on Ampicillin 500mg 2x daily for about the last 10 days and I can honestly say that I know for sure that my body is almost free of this madness but will continue with antibiotics for 2 more months. I have been taking antibiotics now since October 2012, however, since Novemeber(with only a few 3 day breaks inbetween. I have not had much oil of oregano or bay leaves last couple weeks..instead I am taking GSE (grapefruit seed extract) and resveratrol/grapeseed extract a few times a week. My scalp is not nearly as active as it has been over the last two years. Actually my scalp is mostly calm these days..when I do feel something it comes out for good. There was just lots and lots of bacteria etc in me body, so much so its taking 4 months (actually 5 or 6 if you add all the antibiotic episodes)and I feel I may have 1 or 2 months left. My muscles barely spasm now it just feels like slight movement or vibration in my muscles and as always with every dose of antibiotics the spasms have been reduced. This process is extremely slow. I do and dont look fwd to stopping the antibiotics.....

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