Monday, April 8, 2013

future looks a bit brighter

ok so i stopped taking ampicillin about 10 days ago and have only been taking apricot oil really..(a friend gave me a weeks worth of Noni pills to try and they do seem to have an affect). A few days ago i got more oil of Oregano and i did take some resveratrol/GSE a week ago, all in all I dont feel like im gonna have a symptom attack like i have in the past after stopping antibiotics. The areas which were still slightly active while on antibiotics are still only slightly active and usually only active after i take the apricot oil etc. Now my other dog may have Cancer so i just bought NovoDalin's B17, GNC's Shark Cartillidge, Reishi Mushroom Powder, Noni extract pills and Minocycline antibiotics for myself. However I will definitely share and try all of these things first. Im not sure if i can give dogs noni or reishi yet but i will check. I believe there are people who give their dogs b17 but that i will double check as well. For the most part i feel as if the past treatments and antibiotics have killed much if not most of what was going on however the problem still persists to a lesser degree and will worsen if not treated so Im going back on antibiotics next week. I feel i may want to have a kid and it looks like i may be well enough to do so afterall.Since antibiotics seem to be working i feel i should stay on them as long as i can right now b4 things get even more steamy between me and a certain cute guy lol It may not be the best idea or easiest pregnancy but Im not gonna let this evil (illness) stop me from living! If i decide not to have children, i want it to be my choice. :)btw i do still have fibers and stuff comin out but not much.... also thinkin bout gettin youngevity juice and of course more coconut oil

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