Wednesday, April 24, 2013

finally got an x-ray

I was able to finally get the bump on my hand/wrist xrayed yesterday. I get the results in 2weeks. Doc said it looked like a kind of cyst or the beginning of Arthritis. I cant believe I was able to call and get an appoinment the same day..which was awesome since this thing moves and dissappears at times. I stopped taking the minocycline after 9 or 10 days because it is really strong and I dont want to thicken my blood or harden my arteries (that was a few days ago). Luckily Noni has blood thinning qualities and I was taking noni at the same time. The shark cartilage, b17, Reishi powder and Noni seem to be powerful supplements. Im feelin good. Now I gotta figure out how to get them to xray the left side of me head...hmmm :) and my thighs over these muscle twitches. I failed to mention it to the Doc (who I actually liked btw) because it wasnt really happening but I just took some noni and b17 and had several huge, long twitches in my right thigh. Ive never been able to watch my leg twitch like that in all this time. Freaky.

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