Tuesday, September 10, 2013

an update and a Morgellons study

so I have not been taking Noni much the last few weeks and finally after months of relief, this week I have been feeling activity under my scalp once again. Not only have I found a few white fibers but I have also been finding a few green, yellow and violet colored fibers here and there. Not many white worm like parasites have been appearing until very recently. Ive also felt the little stings or bites last week or so. Im back on the Noni now and we shall see what happens. I also have not taken any shark cartilidge so maybe I will do that as well. But for the most part I feel Ive been living 98% symptom free. I have been taking Laetrile and Garcinia Cambogia and sometimes Reishi for a couple months with the Noni. Ive only not been taking Noni for a few weeks. It makes my palms flaky which concerns me regarding my liver/kidneys.

*side note.. all summer I've had low grade anemia.. been taking Iron pills last couple of months but was wonderin why I would get so damn tired all of a sudden sometimes. Not like when MD first hit me..that was a different feeling of constant fatigue. Anemia feels different because I feel healthy and energetic most of the time but will have flashes of extreme fatigue. Our iron levels are constantly fluctuating depending upon what we eat. The initial MD fatigue I felt was more like death creeping up on me. I wonder if the iron pills are having a bad effect on this disease..hmmmm.. Its gotta be between that and the noni, the return of symptoms I mean. {I also had about four white bugs come out of my scalp (the notoriously active areas) within a two week period several months ago..think just after taking the Vermox I believe. After that I experienced much relief and non activity.}

Interesting report I just read points to more evidence that our cells are creating these fillaments/fibers via Keratin. Now I feel we are getting closer to real treatment ;)


oh and I changed brands on the DLPA and it gave my dog hives..so I stopped giving it to her last week and she seems to be fine without it so far. Still giving her Laetrile.. I was not giving her laetrile when her skin rash showed up..only dlpa and glucosamine/chondroitin..so it could have been either which gave her the rash. Now im waiting to see if it goes away. But she did roll around on her back in the grass the other day..something I never thought Id see her do again. :)


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