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Best Morgellons Treatment 2011 Baking Soda/Maple Syrup

please read blog titledMy Morgellons Protocol for most recent update (7/28/11)
also pls let me know if you try my protocol and how it

July 18th 2011 (Disclaimer; I am not a Doctor. Only passing along what works for me)

I must apologize for not being more clear and detailed in my post the other day. My time was limited and my mind fogged with what feels like parasites, bacteria, a fungus and (intelligent) nano-technology. I have been battling Morgellons for 15 - 16 months with heavy symptoms but the reality is that I had ignored symptoms for years before I could no longer ignore the truth. I’ve used many different things. Finally I wondered, what kills mold and fungus? And it looks as if I found something that truly helps so I feel the need to share ‘what works’…

CephAlexin (ospexin 500 mg) Antibiotic
Sodium Bicarbonate (baking Soda)/ Maple Syrup
Oil of Oregano (natural antibiotic)
Parasite zapper

Months ago I tried vitamin E oil on my scalp and oil of Oregano orally at different times only to experience very painful and uncomfortable reaction. I discontinued use and was afraid to try again until recently. However, I've stopped the vitamn E during SB treatment. Once I began SB I felt my Morgellons symptoms increase and then quickly decrease, I felt wiggling I had not felt in such a way before. It felt as if there were big worms all over my body moving around in the same spots. The only thing that is weird is that often two spots in the exact same spot on both sides of my head will start moving or hurting at the exact same time. Feels like bio sensors or something. I can feel stings and tings in my face, feet, legs, arms, scalp. I even felt wiggling in me ear…eww I wish I had MSM but I’m out and I’m broke but I did still have that oil of Oregano. YES! I started taking that on the 3rd day of the SB/MS (Sodium Bicarbonate/Maple Syrup) treatment just to really give this thing a few extra punches. Especially since I know how hard parasites are to kill and I’m not sure the SB/MS kills parasites. So far so good, feels like Morgellons really doesn’t like the oil of Oregano either. I have also used my parasite zapper twice so far to maybe help speed things along. Wish I had a stronger zapper. I’m actually not really feeling the sharp pops anymore but I can feel its still there just to a lesser degree… the pops and stings still happen but are lighter and are not hurting or not hurting as much. Sometimes during die off my scalp itches and feels warm.. (WTF is it?? Makes you crazy not knowing ) All of the movement has decreased significantly. My scalp and brain feel as if its been lightly cleaned with mint. FEELS AWESOME! I have been more creative and my energy level is up tons!!!  I was really getting worried about my energy level. That is why I turned to SB/MS.

This time I think I may have figured out how to kill this evil engineered invasion.
Feels like Im finally reclaiming my body! I hope this lasts!

Someone posted a warning that the baking soda could stimulate cancer tumors..well Morgellons is not Cancer although probably related. Also, Morgellons will kill me if I do nothing. Doctors will not help. I rather die than live in agony. People who make thoughtless comments obviously are fortunate enough to have no idea of the ABSOLUTE HELL Morgies experience on a daily basis and how desperate we are for relief. Some posters are just mean thinking its ok while hiding behind a computer screen. I am not interested in mean and immature comments. You can keep that shite to yourself we feel bad enough already. BELIEVE ME! And I too can be mean so please go post somewhere else because I enjoy being kind. Btw I never said I found a cure. I’m just brave enough to try and to be loud about it. I APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU WHO APPRECIATE ME. THANK YOU!!! THIS IS NOT EASY! Someone else asked me on a post if I thought all of these things were what was actually curing me…well its hard to say because the spaces in time between taking the different meds and such…that’s why its cool that I’ve been bloggin because I cant remember all the details, but with me blog, I don’t have to! However, I will say this.. I recently took Cephalexin and really feel that it killed a mad infection near my brain and all over my body. Much of the fibers and matter stopped shedding out of me but then I started finding these white/blue worm lookin things on my pillow that never move and come in different shapes and sizes. Mostly S and U shapes. I can feel when they’d come out. Sometimes it hurt. That’s why I turned to Baking Soda and Oil of Oregano. Now 99.9% of the shedding of fiber and matter has stopped. I have not seen more than two or three of that crap for days  Its day 5 now. My symptoms calmed significantly by day three. In the past year I have only had a shedding break once or twice and it was never 100% or for very long so we shall see.. I will keep you posted.

Here is what I think one really only needs to fight Morgellons;

CephAlexin (ospexin 500 mg) Antibiotic
Sodium Bicarbonate (baking Soda)/ Maple Syrup treatment
Oil of Oregano (natural antibiotic)
Parasite zapper (zap as much as one likes I guess)
Every 6-8 hours for 7-14 days
Colloidal Silver ( great for maintaining symptoms but I ceased use on 3rd day of treatment using only CephAlexin, SB/MS, Oil of Oregano, Parasite Zapper for 7-14 days)
Olive Leaf Extract
Anti-oxidants ( I don’t have any but I eat good stuff like brussell sprouts, nuts & berries)
(just learned about the antioxidants LDN (low dose naltrexone) & ALA(alpha lipoic acid) gonna do more research very soon)
note: [Amoxicillan early on (last summer) seemed to do nothing]

I treat myself 3x daily and my dogs 2x daily and my cat 1x daily

other things Ive used in the past
Ivermectin & Permethrin 5%
Bleach, Cayenne, Vinegar, hulda clark parasite zapper and Bentonite

also...Ive been craving coconuts like mad. Drinking tons of coconut juice with pulp and using coconut oil as well

I have been taking colloidal silver almost daily for over a year now. The only time I haven’t is when I had no money. So there were a few times where I had basic no treatment for weeks at a time. Yesterday, the 4th day of treatment, since my symptoms had calmed significantly, I stopped taking colloidal silver and I’m hoping I wont feel the need to anymore. I also read that mycoplasma thrive in heavy metals or something so well ya know….. I don’t want to help bacteria/fungus thrive.
Today I have my 1st doc apt since last year…phew..not really wanning to tell the doctor about what I’m doing but I’m gonna have to. I may have a cyst near my ovaries and just want to deal with that. I don’t want to tell another doctor that I have Morgellons but I think “I’m on file” at this office anyway lol I laugh because Ive made a scene at more than 1 hospital over how I was being treated or NOT treated I should say.

Recipe to kill a Fungus Among us;

1st batch I made using 3 tbsp 100% Pure Maple Syrup and 1 tbsp baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) in a regular size pot (not a small sauce pan) cooked on a low heat for 3 minutes (supposed to cook 5 min) stirring constantly! Let it cool then rolled the SB/MS mixture into little cylinders and stuffed it into pill capsules along with Olive Leaf Extract, Cayenne pepper, garlic salt and more baking soda.

2nd batch I made using 6 tbsp maple syrup and 2 tbsp baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) in a regular size pot (not a small sauce pan) cooked on a low heat for 5 minutes stirring constantly! Let it cool but this time the SB/MS is too sticky to be stuffed into pill capsules so I just swallow the mixture with coffee or water.

Refrigerating the mixture and reheating seems to be ok

7-10 days ( maybe 14 days) I plan to continue SB/MS treatment for at least 4 days after symptoms cease.
I have been drinkin a small amount of coffee in the mornings
Probably gonna do a Sodium Bicarbonate/Maple Syrup? Oil of Oregano Cleanse every other month from now on
½ tsp baking soda in water daily also
Been taking 1 Oil of Oregano within Am, 2 in the afternoon and 1 at nite past few days

what to expect~ die off effect, an exaggeration of symptoms on and off which decreases
energy level should rise

other things I did:

ate activia yogart with am pills
took a full dropper of colloidal silver with afternoon pills
Msm & a Multi-Vitamin with pm pills
on the 3rd day of treatment i used a parasite zapper and a bentonite cleanse

exercise, eat well, eat fresh healthy foods, drink mostly water


  1. The anti-Fungal property in Garlic oil are only good for 30 minutes from a fresh clove,

    Grapefruit Seed Extract mixed with Palmolive Oxy

    diluted down with water in case of sensitivity and wash head to toe leaving suds soak in for 5 min rinse thoroughly it will break up that Bio-Film that coats the body...
    will bra

  2. Hi, have you found now that you are still symptom free? I am interested in trying a zapper, but am unsure of what type to get - do you have any suggestions for this? They seem to be expensive and I don't have a lot of money.

  3. Cheque your nose. Use a small metal tool and use a circular motion.....light pressure only. You'll get the worms out. Also vitamins...aka Eco drink works the best. TRY IT!

  4. my moregellians is so bad feels like pilly skin and eat my tissue so deep, my colon and appendix all most bursy and my lung diease got so bad my luns stay infected, and wheeze so bad feels like lungz are ruptering and skind is pulling off my bones and troat eating away and adomomen esting away, please reply, im scared go sleep i wake up feels like 9 millionn little knifes are cutting my yissue amd organs are bursting, im dying gets worse every night, email me at, mt heart us damaged my bllod presure severe have to stay at hodpital all time say they never heard of the diease and put me in mental hospital, im dying can tell on couple days saw bug come out of bowels, dr said aint bugs she test for. email me or call me before i die, had it bfor 8 years. vcikie murphy help me call me someone to help, im dying 256 7544098, sinserely vickie

  5. all of you are full of shit, there is no cure
    just have fun and infect Dr's and once they get it they will think twice about this. everybody just needs to find their mental comfort level but their is NO CURE

  6. I appreciate all the advice even if it is NOT A cure as one said, at least it's not giving up, I'm trying your baking soda today and hope for some relief, I was wondering if you can tell me about the contagious part I do believe 1of3 dogs has it but I've isolated myself from my children and family completely and I don't want to do that forever a month has been enough do you have any advice for I can't find really anything on how its spread etc?

  7. I was wondering about the dosage of the Baking Soda/Maple Syrup should I take and what's the dosage for pets

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  9. Cyanide sugar from green apple seeds ! Kills everything ! 1000 seeds kills a human so be carful start with 100....... VD3 amplifies the immunise system to attack the bugs but its a very large dose so build up over a month...

    Ivermectine and ivermectine cream kills off the small bugs ........

    Stop pumping your system with experiments oils herbs salts ect ect ... Keep the bugs hungry and add sugar to the seeds ........

    Use just one silver bullet ! Don't make things complex or you get a complex reaction ............

    Stop putting crap on the skin it will confuse your natural chemistry ........

    I have a skin full of worms round worms flat worms of 3 to 4 kinds ... Nothing works but cyanide sugar and D3 ..... Best to mix the cyanide sugar with milk and some normal sugar ... Bugs can not resist the sugar and eat the cyanide hahah

    Then after 6 months when all is dead !!! And your skin is full of toxins from the dead bugs slowly rebuild the skin best you can ...................

    I have worms 18inc long and around 20 000 of different numbers ... They get everywhere so do the die off slow ......

    Consider fermenting your own proteolytic enzymes with VC to finally dissolve the crap in the skin ........

    Its going to take 2 years to get back to normal !!!! Starve everything first for 8 weeks to 3 months then hit them hard with the cyanide sugar ...

    Keep up a strong detox between days when you are not using the cyanide sugar .....

    Eat food with plenty of ginger and turmeric !!!!!! Ive been getting ready for the cyanide sugar for 3 months now .......

    Cyanide is the natural remedy for parasites in the animal kingdom so use it .........................

    If you got the morgies forget looking pretty shave your hair and get ready for battle ............ its a war .......

    Good luck !!! But remember we all live in a multi verse and there is another you that is free of the morgies ....

    Suicide is a good option if you cant handle the hell your in .... Helium and motion sickness pills is the best way to go .........

    Fear nothing love the creator kill the morgies or ? hahah .....

    Stop pretending your going to live forever WW3 is about to start so sit back drink the cyanide sugar and enjoy the madness ... hahah why not ? You cant stop humans doing stupid things ... haha

    I love this world but there is another one inside and another one inside that ....

    Connect to your spirit guides hug some tress laugh have some fun ! Dont worry about the bugs the cyanide sugar will sort them out .......................

    Don't over do it study it first !!!! Don't tel anyone hahahah oopps sorry hahaha

    lol xxxxx PS America to strike first and they had better hurry up .........

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