Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Baking Soda!!!!

Could it be that simple??? Baking Soda!!!!

So the Cephalexin did help clear up infection on my scalp but there was still something there. I had taken 7 days worth then stopped for about 10 days b4 taking another 4.5 days worth (500mg)..during the 4.5 days, I stopped taking colloidal silver. Ever since the Cephalexin I have noticed that I am not producing nearly as many fibers. Now I mostly find the white/blue looking filaments..they look like electrical wire with kinks. I do still find red & white fuzz balls, shiny glitter, shiny stringing material, white hairs, grey curly hairs etc etc etc but just not constantly anymore. Oh and I read that when our hair grows it has a black ball on end of the follicle during the rest period and when it is not in the rest period the end of the follicle is white. So maybe that is just part of a natural process, which is a relief but I'm still skeptical. lol Also if you pull hair from the root enough times, the follicle will scar and hair will stop growing so try baking soda instead ok.

Recently Ive been thinking about molds and fungus and what kills them because again i used bleach and nothing happened. Suddenly I discovered baking soda. I drank a little and right away felt a reaction. Then the best thing is that last night a man was on coast to coast am speaking about precisely that...baking soda curing Cancer. However you need do more than simply drink it to cure cancer.

Had a sonogram last week and it appears that I also may have an ovarian cyst..goin to doc in a few days....

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