Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I might have Lyme Disease & Morgellons/First Photos

here are some pictures (click on the pic to enlarge it). I have written a few paragraphs for this blog and will type them up asap

this first picture is of the white/blue hue things that I feel comin out of my scalp daily. They look a bit like broken Barrelia Spirochete (microscopic bacteria which causes Lyme disease)however these things are thick and big not microscopic. The word red is pointing at a red shiny fiber


the B in the photo below stands for Barrelia Bacteria..thats not what it is maybe just what it looks like or a mutated form

there are a few mor B's in this pic below but the white background makes them hard to see which stinks because that one of them is more shaped like that which you see in the 2nd photo above

there is also that hard L shaped thing that really disturbs me. Its hard like wood or a metal staple but it looks like a hair kinda and I grabbed it as it came out of me. I felt it obviously and grabbed it. Yikes can you imagine going thru all this??

I must say that I am feeling much better. I am reducing the amount of Sodium Bicarbonate intake a little for this week. I remembered last nite that both my hands went tingly last week for about 2 minutes..long story short on top of the Morgellons I think I may also have Lyme disease. Blyme lol the good news is that I'm doing the right things. Ive also added lemon water from time to time and a capfull of vinegar. I dont want to get Alkolosis (alkaline overdose) but people with Lyme are sodium deficient anyway as I can imagine are Morgellons sufferers. I'm going to try and find a mycologist forum today because I have lots of questions.

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  1. Hi, I am going through the same thing, and everyone thinks I'm crazy. Can you please tell me how I can prove this and get some real help? The doctors are not helping at all…I'm glad I'm not alone. Does this show up in blood tests or any other way??