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if you try this please let me know and keep in touch here or via email

I suspect that Morgellons may be a mutated form of Lyme disease with overgrown Borrelia Spirochetes bacteria, fungus & parasites. Giardia may be involved. As well as Flagella and Bartonella etc. I decided to focus on fighting lyme and anything which makes a human being ill (fungus, viruses, bacteria and parasites). This treatment is also safe for dogs and cats. We have all been doing this for 6 weeks with no ill effects (that i can see)only positive healing. My big dogs tumors appear to be shrinking and my little dog had black color on her belly that’s finally going away. I am also starting to suspect that Baking soda is a cure all when used as a base and combined with other natural herbs and oils. Finding the right combination is the key. I also believe (much like my distant cousin Dr. Linus Pauling)that Vitamin C is essential however Sodium Bicarbonate destroys vitamin C so it is important to wait 4 hours after taking Sodium Bicarbonate before taking the Vitamin C. I must admit that i have not been taking the recommended amount of vitamin c oils but i do drink tons of orange juice. Oxygenation is another important aspect. Bacteria can only stand so much oxygen although parasites may like it (urgh).

Here is what I’ve been doing for Morgellons the last 45 days and my symptoms have diminished with each dose. I really feel that I am finally conquering this disease because in the past I have gotten it to go dormant or to calm down with colloidal silver but then when the symptoms return they are the same as they were or worse thus why I do not really include Colloidal Silver with this treatment (i did take it twice 2 weeks ago). As I mentioned before I am concerned that colloidal silver may assist mycoplasma....Now the only problem is I wont be sure when to stop treatment but I'm sure I will figure it out. definately going another 14 days.

Recipe to kill a Fungus Among us;

1st batch I made using 3 tbsp 100% Pure Maple Syrup and 1 tbsp baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) in a regular size pot (not a small sauce pan) cooked on a low heat for 3 minutes (supposed to cook 5 min) stirring constantly! Let it cool then rolled the SB/MS mixture into little cylinders and stuffed it into pill capsules along with Olive Leaf Extract, Cayenne pepper, garlic salt and more baking soda.
the rest of the batches i made i doubled 6 tbsp maple syrup & 2 tbsp baking soda

In the morning (7am)
Breathe stretch
Coffee or lemon water or capful of vinegar in water
SB/MS (1 or 2 Hershey kiss size)
Protein breakfast (spinach omlette w/cheese)
1 oil of Oregano pill

vitamin C 4 hours after (11am)

In the Afternoon (1 or 2pm)
10 minutes of sunlight
orange juice or lemon water
SB/MS (1 Hershey kiss size)
yogart (probiotics)(i only ate yogart for first 10 days)
2 oil of Oregano pills
MSM 1000mg

vitamin C 4 hours after (5 or 6pm)

In the evening (7-8pm)
Red Wine or Peanuts etc (Resveratrol – a powerful antioxidant)
Breathe stretch
SB/MS (1 Hershey kiss size)
1 oil of Oregano pill
1-2 olive leaf extract pills (i had olive leaf 1st 2wks then ran out but a powerful aid)
Orange juice

2-4 Vitamin C 4 hours after ( no less than 2000 mg & no more than 9000 mg per day)

a few weeks in i added ROYAL JELLY to the regimine (tissue regenerative properties )

be cautious with too much dairy

Day 6 added parasite zapper to regimen (only used a few times so far/ check into rife therapy & magnets)

Day 10 – reduced Sodium Bicarbonate intake a little

week 4 went from 3x daily to 2x daily

Reiki Meditation – visualizing light coming into my charkas pushing negative energy out thru my root cord. BELIEVE! HAVE FAITH! BE POSITIVE!

It is also very healthy to sing, dance, listen to music, laugh, cry, oxygenate, do brain exercises, have sex and sleep as much as possible. Playing Sudoku is great exercise for your brain.

Been thinking about adding Pau Da Arco but not sure about that yet and dont think i need it. (not safe for pregnant women)

There will be a Herxe Reaction which will last for hours. Symptoms act up and then diminish. I lost 7 pounds in two days after months of not being able to loose weight.


  1. UPDATE!! I am doing awesome!!! I've added Royal Jelly to the mix.. but I suggest waiting until you feel the Morgellons is weak. I waited 2 continuing treatment protocol for another two weeks..ending on my bday August 13th :)(I began on July 10th 2011)
    I also discovered the importance of flavanoids so drink that red wine! the other thing thats wierd about Morgellons is the fact that there are identical spots on both sides of my body from my ankles to the top of my sometimes the spots begin moving in unison. Other times they move alone..its so wierd. URGH! I want to find those responsible for this and then OFF WITH THEIR SWNAKE HEADS!!!!
    Much love to all and many blessings.. also lets give a big shout out and thanx to Jeff Rense of

  2. oh i must begin speaking in past tense for I barely feel anything anymore..really think this damn thing is almost dead..anything can die from sodium bicarbonate poising if you give it enough (too much) those critters can resist man made drugs but they cant resist or recover from death and thats exactly what Gaea (Earth) gives us as a weapon to fight this crap.. Baking Soda..the most powerful astringent known to man. AMEN and THANK GOD

  3. oh also i made the 4th batch of Sodium Bicarbonate Maple Syrup Mixture 3x stronger than the 1st

  4. Seven drops the Neutra silvering a bath if you shower take a bath and this also stay away from electronics. Also get rid of your front load washer and dryer go to the old-school washer and dryer. One more trick use the ozone generator to wash your clothes. Simple yes stop making it so complicated my God the regiment on this website would make you lose your mind.

  5. Nutra silver plus. Believing a god that's the real cure.

  6. How are you now Lion of Judah? If not healed go to

  7. How are you now Lion of Judah? If not healed go to

  8. Just having had some red wine (not in the habit at all) I have been feeling much better.I Googled to see if red wine affected Morgellons and here I am!

  9. A few of us are trying out an idea to see how morgellons reacts to change. Anyways I thought I would tell the group about what you have found that works but im unclear as to what the SB/MS micture is. Would you mind sharing in detail what items, amounts and directions so I can offer it to the group and see if its something they would like to try. I would be more than happy to inform you of our decision as well as any keep you informed of the progress and results if thats something you would be interested in. I appreciate your time. My email is Hope to hear from you. Sincerely Teresa