Thursday, January 20, 2011

RE: my last post..UPDATE!!!

[UPDATE!!! THURS JANUARY 20TH 2011 EDDIE IS NOW IN A PROGRAM WHERE HE CAN HAVE HIS KITTY FRIENDS..YAY!!! DONATIONS NO LONGER NEEDED FOR HIM :) Ive also decided that Gods Army Church will not accept monetary donations..i will accept them but i dont want money mixed up with my church.


  1. We care about you. If you have Morgellons, we guarantee that your symptoms will reduce or be gone in about 3 weeks.

  2. thanx i appreciate that..can you tell me the differnce between soviergn silver and nutra silver

  3. Nutrasilver is a suspension of silver nano particles in distilled water. The higher the PPM (part per million), the stronger the silver product is (but stronger is not always better). It can be applied topically or ingested internally and is safe for humans, animals and plants. Your body will not develop silver-resistant bacteria. Your silver should be clear as plain water. On the other hand, Sovereign silver is used in the same manner as colloidal, yet it is consist of atoms instead of particles. Hope you got some point in here.